Wrong MOT detail on the Certificate

  jack 12:05 28 May 2008

Yesterday- had the car annual service and MOT'ed.
All went well[except the bill of course. ;-{ ]

When I got home- instead of simply filing the MOT certificate away- I took the trouble read it.

It has been made out with the incorrect Reg number.
Took it back- profuse apologies and the error to be corrected.
Actually I had some sympathy with the guy who, whilst doing the computer work was constantly interrupted by customers coming to the counter on one side and his workers coming in the office for for some other reason.
I said to him - looks like you will have to make a visitor proof office for this work - good idea he said.

We went on to discuss that the likelihood of some data cock-up is to occur at DVLA when re-tax time comes and I try to do the same on line.
I guess we shall have to wait and see.

  Stuartli 12:47 28 May 2008

I'm surprised that the wrong registration number was accepted - it must have been done from the start of the test as, IIRC, details are initially sent online and then whether there has been a pass or failure is transmitted.

  jack 17:28 28 May 2008

Enlighten me.
He did say that had in fact had two similar vehicles that day one was an R reg Rover 214 and my one -Y reg 25

  spuds 17:35 28 May 2008

I am surprised how this slipped through the various checks with the computerised system. The certificate should have all the vehicles details, including the vehicles identification or chassis number, which is already on record at the DVLA.Placing a different registration number to a particular vehicle in the system, should have started alarm bells ringing.

A friend of mine runs a garage and MOT station, and he seems to suggest that the system is very difficult to overrule, and errors are soon picked up. In the old days, a test certificate could have been completed by hand 'at any time' and mistakes were made, now there is a time sequence from start to finish of testing, whether the vehicle is old or 3 years old. This is suppose to be a further safeguard, that the vehicle as been tested and fully checked.

  jack 17:38 28 May 2008

As the computer work was done at end of day yesterday- it is possible they may be some form of 'bounce back' when they do todays work.
Who knows

  Stuartli 18:42 28 May 2008

It would be perfectly possible to have several vehicles all of the same make and model being tested on the one day, but even so any irregularities in the details should be spotted by the Vehicle Inspectorate's computerised system immediately.

  Chegs ®™ 03:00 29 May 2008

I recently tested my car,& was stood watching the mechanic/MOT Inspector enter up the details on the PC "for your printout" he explained.It then took him nearly an hour to finally hand over my printout,and explained the delay was caused because things like my "excessively corroded" hatchback had no such item listed on any of the multi-choice options,instead it was listed as an "rear passenger door" as that was the nearest to the rusty hatch door as the PC software went.I decided that as it was a 17yrs old rover that had given flawless service in the years I'd owned it,it was finally time to call the scrapman & ask when he was coming.

  johndrew 10:06 29 May 2008

We all know that computer systems are infallible and totally secure - lol

In the same way it is important to check credit card and bank statements, any paperwork that has a human input needs the same attention.

Many years ago I was given a hand written MOT certificate that ran out the month after it was issued as the chap had put the wrong year down. Now with the all new systems, if the registration that is put in remotely resembles a similar model it will be accepted.

After all, Government have a terrific record when it comes to computer systems - don`t they?????

  jack 13:50 29 May 2008

Collected Cert this morning- now the paper is right
just a moment ago checked on
click here
[ Thank you X7-250]
It correct on there too.

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