Wrong Gas bill -what is the likely out come do you

  jack 14:51 27 Aug 2007

Over the 8y ears my daughter has lived in her basement/garden flat- her gas bill have been seemingly high for a mere 3 room premises.
She has taken it up with the supplier, who got her to take a successive meter reading over a period of time.
They even sent someone to read the meter once.
Still the gas bills read high - eventually she asked me to come and look when the most recent bill came to £750
The meter is in the under stair cupboard in the basement area - there are in fact two meters[you are getting the drift I feel]
So I looked at meter one and compared the serial No., The bill related to 1st meter. Who's meter is that said me pointing to the rearmost one- 'Mine' she said - look- there is the flat number on it -
You are sure said me - 'Oh yes' she said
OK lets turn it off - now check your appliances
sure enough no supply.
So suitable worded missive to Gas Co were sent forth.
Now we wait- 8 years gas bills for the upstairs
She does know who the supplier is then it being leasehold property with during the time she has lived there it has changed lease holders several times- always absent- with tenants- run my several management companies-
Exiting isn't it 8 years worth of gas mills to come back---- I wonder- Huh!

  techie4me 15:43 27 Aug 2007

So you daughter is OK with her payements then?
And your excited to see what the upstairs flat does with an 8 year gas bill?

  spuds 16:19 27 Aug 2007

Hope its not British Gas, they appear to have the most complaints regarding customer service :O(

  jack 17:31 27 Aug 2007

The upstairs flat is the interesting bit isn't it
at least three absentee lease holders and a string of fly by night tenants .
Fortunately not BG

  lixdexik 18:19 27 Aug 2007

from power gen. They have been charging me business rates for the last two years. I questioned the business gas on the first bill, but was assured that that is ok it's just what we call it. It wasn't till I tried to change supplier that they told me I could not change, as I was in a new one year contract. After a bit of huffing and puffing on thier part they have agreed that I do indeed live in a house not a factory. so now I should get back 2 years standing charges on gas & electric and a refund on gas & electric prices. In the mean time I can't change supplier. seems it takes 6 months to sort out an error on thier part, roll on the October bill. It's not just British gas that suck.


  STREETWORK 18:54 27 Aug 2007

Don't forget to add interest, seriously...

  Legolas 19:14 27 Aug 2007

Bit off thread I know (thread creep the FE calls it)

My brother found out they had rated his house wrongly so he started the long road to get the differece refunded after many months of wrangling he eventually got over £3000 back although he now has been told it should have been more because of interest.

  jack 19:23 27 Aug 2007

The joke about all this is[well to me any way]all these Gas/Lec suppliers don't actually supply anything except bills and agro
National Grid/Trans Co own the networks and ensure we get the goods.
Another example of Rip Off Britain.

  spuds 19:27 27 Aug 2007

Regarding billing, a few years ago I was stopped by a rather wet (it was raining) and confused meter reader asking if I could help him. On his reader device, he had a large number of address's, but he couldn't find any of them. The answer was very simple. I told me that none of the address's exist (?). I pointed out all the new build housing in the area, and informed the meter reader that the address's on his device was blocks of flats that had been demolished three years earlier. I still wonder how that mistake was made, and how much was owing. Perhaps I should have felt sorry for the meter reader, when he tried to explain the wasted day to his company.

  spuds 19:29 27 Aug 2007

'I told me that none'= 'I told him that none'

  oresome 20:01 27 Aug 2007

National Grid/Trans Co and regional companies may own the distribution network, but the home supplier has to purchase the energy wholesale from generators to retail to it's customers.

We now have a choice of supplier, all competing for our hard earned, so I'm not sure where the Rip Off Britain comes from. Would you prefer to go back to a monopoly?

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