Wrong Card!

  jack 20:24 01 Apr 2007

Who has done this one?
Yesterday we were taking the umpteenth trip the furniture store to hum and Ha over a new 3 piece and the fabrics and all that - not me you understand but herself- I had made my mind up long ago - whatever she says goes.
So after a long deliberation - OK I think that one
The salesman sprang to life - If I can take a deposit sir he said
Do you take plastic I asked
Oh yes says he
Out flashed the bendy friend
Just enter your PIN sir
£600 deposit - just like that
Sitting in the car checking it through I realized that I had given over my Debit card not the Credit Card
So this morning frantic phone calls to bank transferring money from one pot to another.
And a visit tomorrow with a cheque to top up the the first pot.
Oh sweat of brow

  Al94 20:37 01 Apr 2007

Unfortunate mistake as its like sticking cash in their mit - no redress if any issues arise.

  Forum Editor 20:38 01 Apr 2007

sweating with you.

  interzone55 21:10 01 Apr 2007

It's worse when you give the wrong card, but use the pin for the right card, the fuss this causes because of an incorrect pin.

I put the deposit for my new car on my visa (money in the bank ready to transfer) but gave the salesman my switch card, lo & behold the pin didn't match and all hell broke lose, apparently this showroom only allows one attempt at your pin, and they didn't seem to have any fall-back procedure if it's entered incorrectly, it took the manager 15 minutes to sort me out.

  VoG II 21:11 01 Apr 2007

that you have the same PIN for both cards which is, allegedly, a bad idea.

  Al94 21:14 01 Apr 2007

bad idea but I suspect many do the same rather that memorise or record in some fashion!

  Confab 21:20 01 Apr 2007

I would have gone back to the shop and asked them to reveres out the first transaction and then paid with my credit card as credit cards give you added protection.

There are 10,000 combinations with a 4 digit PIN so quite a few people have the same PIN for different cards.


  Stuartli 21:36 01 Apr 2007

I had a similar experience recently whilst paying for a new bed.

I'd used my debit card a few days earlier at Morrison's to pay the food bill but, in fact. had handed over my credit card (same bank); naturally the PIN wasn't recognised. so I later contacted the call centre and was told it would be OK after 24 hours to use the credit card again.

That's when I came to buy the bed and my credit card came up with an Unauthorised warning.

I briefly explained the reason, seemingly disbelieved by the sales assistant. So I handed over the debit card to be greeted somewhat sarcastically with: "Will this be OK, Sir?"

Resisting the immediate desire to tell him to "go away", I paid with the debit card, the successful transfer of several hundred pounds seeming to prove somewhat disappointing to him.

A few minutes later I was in the local bank armed with the credit card and was able to "unlock" the PIN number - a far cry though from the story from its call centre.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:42 01 Apr 2007

That seems excessively silly. Even ATM's usually allow 3 attempts.


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