Wrong car.

  rdave13 16:45 11 Oct 2008

Just done it! Went to supermarket with the children and spent time keeping order so better half could shop in relative peace. Back to car park and the key wouldn't open the boot. Just bought a second hand diesel fiesta with a fairly unusual colour, or so I thought, and the key refused to open any of the doors.
Thinking of 'phoning the garage as still under warranty when the penny dropped.
Simmilar registration number and colour but had two extra doors compared to my model.
Beat a hasty retreat and found my car in the next row.
Wonder what the owner would have thought finding a family trying to break in to his/her car...

  BT 16:52 11 Oct 2008

Went to the Docs this morning for my annual Flu jab. When I came out there next to my car an identical Fiat Stilo, colour, model, year. Only difference was Reg No.
You don't see that many Stilos about, and to see two identical next to each other in a small car park is unusual.

  wiz-king 16:53 11 Oct 2008

Same here - went to the Horse of the Year show and mislaid the car so held the key up above my head, pressed the button and about six car alarms went beep and flashed the lights. Oops! and that was from the wrong bit of the carpark.

  spuds 16:59 11 Oct 2008

The thing to worry about, is when the keys fit and you drive off, then being followed by flashing blue lights and a siren :O)

But remember that might be a one in a 3 million chance!.

  rdave13 17:12 11 Oct 2008

Can you immagine that then! Fill the boot with shopping, fill the rest with the family and off you go. Flashing blue lights in mirror so slow down and pull up to let the Police pass only to find them parking behind you.
How do you explain?..:)

  GRIDD 17:32 11 Oct 2008

I got out of my Mother-in-Law's car and went to the bank. Came out of the bank, approached car, opened door, just about to jump into front passenger seat and noticed my Mother-in-Law was now a man asking me what the hell I was doing...

I stood back (saying sorry) and looked over his roof to find my mother-in-law laughing her head off, in her car. They both had the same colour and model, he had pulled up beside hers while I was at the bank.

  spuds 18:07 11 Oct 2008

You would be no good robbing a bank, especially if it was an off-duty or on-surveillance police officer's car that you was trying to use ;O)

  interzone55 18:17 11 Oct 2008

I used to have a mini, in a nice pacific blue.

Parked up in the Manchester Arndale car park for a bit of shopping.

I went back to the car, it was a bit nearer the door than I thought, but I got in, started it up and reached across to turn on the stereo, but it wasn't there. Also not there were my seat covers. So I got out and walked round the front, totally different registration. So I grabbed the bags out of the boot carefully locked up the car and walked up to the next level where my car was patiently waiting in the correct space...

  WhiteTruckMan 19:17 11 Oct 2008

I used to drive for a company that meant regular nights out for most of the drivers. It was common practice for us all to meet up at a truckstop for the night-usually willenhall, but there were others- and after parking up in a row we'd all go off to the pub together. Come time to go to bed, some of us who were a little the worse for wear tended to take the first cab that our keys would open. The vehicles were elderly E series ERF's, ans as such could be opened by just about anything. (think of an elderly cortina, only worse). Sometimes I came back to my cab to find someone else asleep in it already! other times I would be woken up by someone else opening the door and climbing in, only to be greeted by a less than polite response from myself.


  Chris the Ancient 13:01 12 Oct 2008

...I had a relative who worked for a (then) well-known computer company and he was provided with a Ford Cortina (Mk II). He never used to use it for work, but left it at home for his missus to use.

So, the missus popped into town and parked in the large multi-storey car park and toddled off to do her shopping.

When she came back, she had forgotten which floor she had parked on! All she could remember was that it was a red Cortina. Needless to say there were loads of them in the multi-storey. And to make matters worse, she didn't know the registration! Because, in those days, there were no mobile phones and she could not phone her other half to get the registration.

So there she was, wandering around the car park, trying the key in every red Cortina. Anyone with a memory of those will know just how pathetic the door locks were. Some of them you could open with a teaspoon handle.

They never revealed the final outcome of the incident; but I had loads of fun, for a long time, imagining the various potential outcomes.


  Chris the Ancient 13:04 12 Oct 2008

...That relies on coincidences.

I once noticed, at the local driving test centre, that mine was the only car not belonging to a well-known major driving school. I mentioned this fact to the examiner and he said,"That's nothing. I came out once, with a candidate, and all the cars belonged to that school. And they were all the same colour. Confusion reigned for a little while while all the cars, candidates and examiners sorted things out!"

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