writing and Poetry or collectors

  5 MINUTES 00:55 22 Dec 2006

This may seem odd but does anyone write Poetry, I'm a writer and have been for years and would like to now if there is any in the forum.
I enjoy books and collect them, along with technical books some quit old, I also collect PC games and manuals books and even old PC parts.
I even collect plants in my garden, as garden centers are my thing for poorly plants, which I take home to nurse and have a lot of success.
But writing is my thing even though I'm dyslexic.

  Watchful 06:50 22 Dec 2006

to both. I write poetry and am also a collector, not just of sickly plants from garden centres like you, but also pottery and books. Have had great success with sickly plants but when it comes down to collecting you soon run out of space and then what to do with the collection? I find that the best part of collecting is the search for new items.

  Apron 07:19 22 Dec 2006

I need you both here. I had another pot plant from a well wisher yesterday (azalea). If anyone thinks of giving me a pot plant they might as well spray it with agent orange while it is still in the garden centre and get it over with.
Write some verse d'occasion myself, just for fundraising. Roll on the day when we get funds for social projects as a right and have a raffle to buy trident.

  Kate B 09:16 22 Dec 2006

Apron, azaleas are fussy about the ph of the soil they're in and the water they drink: give it rainwater, not tap water, and see how it goes.

  Z1100 12:54 22 Dec 2006


  facepaint 13:11 22 Dec 2006

For years I wrote poetry and at the end of the page I used to add a one liner 'just tell it like it is'.Similar to the technique in the Bridget Jones's Diary book and long before this book was ever seen on the shelves.

I then moved into singing, song writing and maybe that's why I never tune into radio chart music stations.Talking radio and forums everytime.

  Apron 14:44 22 Dec 2006

Thank you Kate B I'll do my best. let you know how he thrives (or not)

  Arnie 15:02 22 Dec 2006

About 15 years ago I wrote this poem.
It was about a fellow college technician.
He could never be dragged from a BBC 32k computer.
At the time we all had a good laugh over it.
BTW, at that time 32k was all the memory the computer had!


Bill's a technician; he works at the college,
they say of computers he's picked up some knowledge.
He talks about bits and he talks about bytes,
he'll sit at his screen till you turn off the lights.
He’ll tap in some BASIC, write a program or two,
his fingers will stick to those keys just like glue.
He'll write a line here he'll change a line there,
about other matters he hasn’t a care.
When the day's over and people have gone,
when the lights are turned out where before they all shone,
you'll see a faint glow from his computer screen.
When it comes to computers my god! that man's keen.

  Watchful 15:11 22 Dec 2006

Very good!

  Arnie 19:27 22 Dec 2006

Thank you, my pleasure.

  5 MINUTES 19:38 22 Dec 2006

That's grate Poetry I really like it.
Watchful, I have over 900 books including hard back as well as paper back we have a relative in Kendall who owns a book shop in Ambleside.
I also collect vinyl records mainly from when I was young.
Regards my plants I do have a large garden but yes I'm running out of space, but then I often give them away to relatives and friends. I am a gardener and have been since I left school, that's some years ago.

Hears a poem
A time of joy shearing and caring for friends and relatives galore,
Shops lit from end to end with all the colours of a rainbow,
With Santa at every corner,
Christmas trees spring up every-wear,
Houses shining bright with decoration adorned with lights,
Toys for for every child, carol singers standing in the market square singing joyful carols for everyone to hear.
Snow begins to fall, the magic of Christmas has arrived to make the town a Christmas card.
People laughing people hugging people wishing each other a merry Christmas.
The bells are ringing the streets are gleaming with decorations every wear.
Peace and good will to all for Christmas is for for all to shear, all the year round.

Out from the heavens it falls each one different in every way, a flight to see.
A snow flake an intricate pattern, graphics on a computer screen cane never mach it.
It falls like a curtain forming a blanket, what a delight.
A postcard to send to friends, the witness of fighting it self.
Come lets play in the snow and see the wonder of nature in all it's glory.
Is this snow the element we complain about, we often do, but to walk the hills we see the wonder of snow, the postcard it drivers.
What a delight it is to see this wonder of life a mystery of nature.

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