Wretched RSPCA.

  stolensilver 19:01 01 Aug 2007

Three weeks ago we lost our lovely old dog. We got her from a rescue and had her for 12 great years. She's left a big hole. Our old dog was irreplacable but there's definitely a vacancy for something with a wagging tail at our house.

So two weeks ago we went to the RSPCA to look at the dogs. We went to see them a few times and then a week ago my OH put a reserve on the one we want.

A week later the dog is still in kennels. We cannot have her until we've had a house check. I understand the need for this. Some homes are worse than being in kennels. My gripe is that they are currently very short of people to do the house checks! There are 6 dogs at that RSPCA who have had "I'm going to my new home soon" on their pen for the last week. None of them can go anywhere because the RSPCA are unable to check the houses.

We've offered to drive the RSPCA inspectors to our house to speed the whole process up but apparently they are not allowed to do the check themselves. It has to be done by a volunteer. And because it is done by a volunteer they cannot hassle them to get the job done quickly.

Is that complete and utter madness or what?

  postie24 19:13 01 Aug 2007

Absolutely ridiculous.
And the dogs remain locked up until someone gets their finger out.

  Quiller. 19:15 01 Aug 2007

" Is that complete and utter madness or what? "

I don't think so. You may have to wait a week or two but it will be worth it in the end. One of the reasons for the delay might be to check when you are off your guard. Do they just drop in without an appointment?

When you see some of the cruelty dished out to dumb animals it's no wonder that a charity like the RSPCA make 100% sure that both accomodation and potential future owners are thourly vetted.

So hang in there. It will be worth it in the end.

  anskyber 19:16 01 Aug 2007

Remember the RSPCA is a charity with NO goverment funding. It relies on gifts from all of us and includes a lot of voluntary workers.

I think a little patience is required and a little less of the melodramatic title to the thread.

  stolensilver 19:19 01 Aug 2007

quiller if that was the case I would be more understanding. However when they eventually find someone (anyone!) to do the house check they phone you up and arrange a mutually convenient time. We've been through this before and it is a rather cursory check. That's why I'm so frustrated. Some of the dogs are going stir crazy in the kennels especially a very handsome Border Collie. But each time we ask for a progress report the answer is the same "We don't have any house checkers available at the moment."

  Clapton is God 19:21 01 Aug 2007

You may believe that you are an ideal home/owner for a dog.

Others may not be.

That's why the RSPCA check is so important - however long it takes.

  Quiller. 19:21 01 Aug 2007

Perhaps they need people to volunteer to become house checkers in your area. Have you thought of volunteering yourself to aliviate the situation in the kennels.

  bremner 19:29 01 Aug 2007

There is nothing "wretched" about the RSPCA in the circumstances you describe. They are doing the best they can and rely on volunteers who, given the time of year, could well be on holiday.

You are being very unfair and I feel you should withdraw such a comment.

  stolensilver 19:41 01 Aug 2007

bremner do you not think they should have a contingency plan in place for just such an occasion? From speaking to the people that work there this is not the first time it has happened. How much money are they wasting keeping animals in kennels that could be in homes? How much psychological damage is it doing to the animals in the meantime?

quiller while I would like to help I cannot. I already work ridiculous hours, come home 8,9,10 at night, start at 7 in the morning and work nights and weekends. Before you say why do I want a dog my OH works from home.

  octal 19:49 01 Aug 2007

The trouble is if it wasn't for the volunteers there wouldn't be an RSPCA. I'm sure it will be worth the wait for your new friend.

  Totally-braindead 19:59 01 Aug 2007

I fail to see what you are complaining about, as has been pointed out its the holidays, everyone else is entitled to a holiday why not the volunteers? What you are asking is basically impossible, any place that has a lot of people off for the same 2 weeks is bound to be struggling to cope. How are they meant to stop this, these people are volunteers and are subsequently not paid so what can the RSPCA do? They could ask some of them not to go on holiday at this time but they are volunteers so they can't tell them not to have a holiday they can only ask. And I'm sure most volunteers have partners who are off these 2 weeks and therefore if they want to go on holiday they have to go now or do without.
I'm sure from the RSPCAs point of view they would much prefer the animals to be out of the kennels and settling down in a happy home but I really can't see what else they can do.
They won't just chuck the dogs out into a home thats not suitable and they cannot afford to hire people so they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.
I appreciate you are frustrated and want your dog but I repeat what I've already said what else can they do? What contingency plan would you suggest?

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