Wreckage 'is from missing jet!

  tein 21:52 02 Jun 2009

Firstly let me start this thread by saying how deeply i feel for the familes of the people lost in this! i think i can safely now say that!
Its so horrible to come to terms with a loss so great as this!

it was in VERY deep water which is making things hard but i wish the rescue services the very best of luck with this colossal task.

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  OTT_Buzzard 21:58 02 Jun 2009

i missed the place in the article where it said about the depth of water?

In any case, although the outcome is abviously not good, I'm glad the location of the wreckage has been found.

  octal 22:02 02 Jun 2009

Yes, my thoughts are with those families, it's very tragic.

The investigators certainly have got a mammoth task, it has got to be investigated as all anyone's got to go on at the moment is speculation. I wonder if we will ever find out what really happened.

  OTT_Buzzard 22:13 02 Jun 2009

it seems the depth is around 9000 feet, just more speculation really:

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  tein 22:16 02 Jun 2009


i watched bbc news a short while ago that said the area averages around 25000 feet, but lets be honest even 9000 foot is a REALY worrying depth!

  peter99co 22:44 02 Jun 2009

They need the Black Box. Some needle. Some haystack.

  Uboat 23:01 02 Jun 2009

Its a big loss

Not been horrible but by accident i found this painfull reminder & to be honest im dissgusted on how the remains of the Lockerbie plane are just Dumped in a scrapyard.? if they is any need for further evidence the weathered remains wont hold any also its most certainly not nice for the familys that lost people

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  Forum Editor 23:14 02 Jun 2009

You may well feel 'disgusted', but there are legal reasons why the wreckage is there, and cannot be moved.

  laurie53 08:50 03 Jun 2009

Surely at that depth at that depth the "black" boxes will be totally crushed?

No matter how strongly they are built, and how little space there is inside, they will crumple to some degree.

Is the recording media, whatever it is, able to survive such pressure?

  Grey Goo 09:14 03 Jun 2009

Think it's recorded on a metal strip for maximum fortitude. If water is allowed into the box then the pressure will be equalised and crushing avoided. The recording mechanism will have done it's work and is expendable.

  Diemmess 09:30 03 Jun 2009

I read somewhere the boxes can survive up to 12,000 ft water pressure. Depending on where they lie they might or might not survive.
Also it seems there is a 30 day limit on locating signal transmission which makes their early discovery very necessary.
After that, the chances of finding the boxes are very slim.

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