WOW!! What a book.

  egapup 17:26 03 Sep 2008

I've just finished reading "SNIPER ONE" by Sgt Dan Mills. This book should be made compulsory reading, it's a factual account of a six month siege in Iraq and the amazing fighting spirit and bravery shown by a few of our troops. If you want a book to blow your socks off, get it.

  rossgolf 17:29 03 Sep 2008

i read a book like that called Eight Lives Down by Chris Hunter

well worth a read, it is also a factual account of him as a bomb disposal officer. its intense

  Forum Editor 18:07 03 Sep 2008

For whom, and why?

  egapup 18:41 03 Sep 2008

For everybody because the blokes who fought in that seige deserve a lot more reconition then they got.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:06 03 Sep 2008

'the blokes who fought in that seige deserve a lot more reconition then they got' do doctors, nurses and charity workers but it is equally unlikely that I will be reading books by them.


  Forum Editor 19:11 03 Sep 2008

what you're saying is that everyone in the country should be compelled to read a book about some brave soldiers who fought in a siege - is that about it?

I've never heard such a ludicrous suggestion in my life.

  rossgolf 19:19 03 Sep 2008

i think that when egapup made the suggestion of compulsory reading he did not mean it to be taken this literally,
the way i read it, it was a way of expressing how good the book was, i think it has been taken a bit out of context

  Belatucadrus 19:23 03 Sep 2008

Go on, I'll bet you've heard much worse than that.

  ulrich 19:31 03 Sep 2008

I am sure everyone should have Vista was one of them?

  laurie53 19:38 03 Sep 2008

Now there's an idea for a contentious thread - which books should be made compulsory!

(No, No, Please No! I'm only joking!)

  anskyber 19:53 03 Sep 2008

I think the FE's response is appropriate.

There is a tendency on this forum for ex forces members to want to wallow in reflections of forces life and in turn, it seems to me, bathe in the glory of their heroes. All of it based on a misguided view that forces personnel are the only risk takers and they do so for the benefit of our motherland.

The truth is very different, I know of some who have such high ideals but I am not convinced this is why people join up; incidentally I come from a forces family and grew up in quarters. I think if the forces are to be recognised for their worth, treated and funded appropriately then this saccharine we are treated to here should be locked away in the cupboard.

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