would you step in to help out

  sunny staines 18:44 21 Aug 2007

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i would always step in unless outnumbered or the person heavily armed. but then again i'm male 6'4 and big build so its easier. how you talk and your body language will often sort out a situation without getting physical.

  Bald Eagle 19:02 21 Aug 2007

A year or so ago a lad was coming out of a nightclub in Selby and saw a young girl being assaulted by a bloke. He went to help and was beaten up himself and then arrested by the police because the original thug claimed he'd been assaulted! He finished up in Armley Road jail, Leeds. To answer your question unless it was VERY CLOSE family, NO!

  Forum Editor 19:04 21 Aug 2007

I once answered the door to find a distraught young man (about 20 years old) begging me to help him because he was being followed by two men who were going to rob him.

As I stood there in my driveway, debating quite what to do, a man of about the same age entered my drive and started walking towards the first man. 'What do you think you're doing?' I said. "I'm going to (expletive) kill him" he said "Get out of my (expletive) way.

I realised this was a serious situation, and as I did so a second man appeared at the bottom of the drive, looking threateningly at me. Sometimes you find yourself acting without thinking, the man who askewd me for help was cowering with fear, and I had to do something, so I hit the first aggressor hard. He went down and stayed down, and the second man ran to a skip at the roadside and picked up a length of timber - my heart sank. As my life started flashing before me I heard shouting, and saw two of my neighbours running along the road towards us. The timber carrier ran off, and we were left with the panicker,and an inert form on the driveway.

Police came, took control, and I was interviewed - everyone disappeared and I spent an evening wondering quite what had happened. Two days later the Police told me the man I had knocked out wanted to prosecute me for assault; I was warned that it might be a serious matter - I had broken four of his teeth and he had serious bruising.

It all came to nothing, but I made a resolution - never again would I intervene like that.

  mrwoowoo 19:42 21 Aug 2007

Once saw a man who was obviously under the influence of drink assaulting a woman.
Two punches to the head put her down and when she got up he started to slap her about the face.
I went over and pulled him off of her and forcefully pushed him away.At this point the woman started shouting at me to (expletive)leave him alone thats my (expletive) boyfriend.I then had them both trying to pick a fight with me.
Would i intervene again?.Not sure anymore.

  Totally-braindead 19:58 21 Aug 2007

I've also jumped to the assistance of a lady in distress, grabbed the guy who was beating her rather badly and hit him. While I was doing this the girl managed to get up and jump on my back hitting me and screaming don't hit my boyfriend.
And I then had to beat the two of them off.
You can't win.

Would I help?

No. I might phone the Poloce but thats as far a I would go in the case of an assault. I might intervene if it was something else. I think not but you never really know till you're faced with the situation yourself.
And as for you perhaps being charged FE this is an excellent example of how we have gone to far. I've even read cases of burglars sueing people who have defended themselves in their own home. And they won. The burglar won the case! The worlds gone mad.

  Totally-braindead 19:59 21 Aug 2007

I mind get better results if I phoned the Police rather than the Poloce - sorry.

  Forum Editor 20:12 21 Aug 2007

The police told me that I was permitted to use 'reasonable force' to defend myself if I feared an attack, or was being attacked, but when the adrenalin starts pumping you don't always start calculating what force would be reasonable - you tend to act or react instinctively.

I'm not proud of what happened, I would rather have not been involved, but what do you do when someone is about to be attacked by two men outside your front door at four o'clock in the afternoon?

I later found out that both assailants had several previous convictions for mugging, and the man I hit had been in court the previous week on a charge of causing actual bodily harm. My wife lived in fear of a reprisal for months afterwards, but nothing happened. It was long ago, and we've since moved twice anyway.

  Ranger 20:24 21 Aug 2007

I have on several occasions but the two that most come to mind are:

Many years ago I was in a large company in the city centre, some people I knew well others I had only met, this guy who I believed to be a girl I knew cousin started throttling her, I said to him , that’s enough big yin there’s no need for that, he pulled out a knife and unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough so got stabbed, fortunately nothing major was ht, if I remember correctly he got three months,

The second was about 12 -18 months ago, I was heading towards the car park from our sports pavilion when young lad asked if he could go into the building as he was getting chased with other lads, I said okay, several moments later another four youths appear, one had a base ball bat, another a golf club and the other two bottles. They asked if I had seen a guy with a blue jacket and I said no and that they should leave our grounds as it was private property, one then said “I saw him go into that building” I then warned them I was getting the police called, we carry radios in case of emergency so we can get in touch with reception, I explained to reception what was happening and asked them to call the police which they did, these guys weren’t for moving and it was getting a bit hairy, then I caught a break, I heard one of them use a name I remembered from my schooldays and took a chance and said are you M** C****** boy to which he replied yes, I said I knew his dad, to cut a long story short I started mentioning a lot of the “hard men” that I knew from the area they were from, after a further 20 or so mins "conversation" they left.

Now here’s the really scary bit, I walked back into the works reception just as the phone was going, the receptionist answered and said to me “that’s the police on the phone, they want to know if you still need them as at the moment they don’t have anyone to send out” I kid you not, I couldn’t believe it, I told them not to bother.

  Colin 20:25 21 Aug 2007

The 2 examples above of the girls being attacked then turning on the helper were probably because they knew that if their "boyfriend" got a pasting, he'd take it out on her later. What big men there are out there!

  Totally-braindead 20:32 21 Aug 2007

Yes I'm well aware of the "reasonable force" arguement and to a certain point I agree with it but lets face it in the situation you were in I'm certain almost any of us would have reacted similarly. If you beat the man to near death that would be one thing but to be told you might be charged in the circumstances you describe is to me at least patently ridiculous.
People that attack people with knifes on the street get more consideration than those that defend themselves, their families and their homes in the courts.
As far as I am concerned if a person gets injured while committing a crime then thats just tough, theres no way he should be allowed to sue or bring charges as if he wasn't committing the crime in the first place he wouldn't have been injured. As such a large part of the blame for the incident must fall on his shoulders. I am not meaning its ok to beat a man to death if hes attacking you but to my mind at least they have gone too far the other way.
The law seems to be defending the criminals better than that it is defending the rest of society.

  jarvis10@btinternet.com 20:44 21 Aug 2007

i asked this in court 10 years ago and it worked to my benefit.
if you are put into a predicament, you did not start, you are running totally on adrenalin, when do you have time to think about what it and what is not reasonable force. nobody in this room could predict their own response, until they found themselves in my predicament.
i think if any man woke to hear his kin or partner in distress he would pretty much kill the aggressor.
my point is you cant control yourself in these situations, it is all reaction and adrenalin.

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