Would you pick up a penny?

  WhiteTruckMan 22:53 27 Nov 2006

Not a trick question, and I am curious. I often see small change-especially coppers-just lying on the ground because people literally cannot be bothered to make the effort to bend down and pick it up. Me, I'm different. My attitude is that I'm never to busy to pick up free money. I have a jar at home that I drop it in at weekends and usually I have between 30-50 pounds (value) by the end of the year. A nice little bonus that I use for small treats for the kids (not just my own).

So how about it? do YOU take the trouble to pick it up? or are you one who discards them in the first place as not worth the weight in your pocket?


I feel that people would think I'm a skinflint for picking it up so therefore I don't bother

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:58 27 Nov 2006

Never and I always ask shopkeepers to put small amounts of change in t'charity box.


  Amyfa 22:59 27 Nov 2006

People can think I'm a skinflint I pick them up and put them in a jar. My gran always said look after the pennies and the pounds will look after them self.

  Forum Editor 23:00 27 Nov 2006

You owe me £40

I freely confess to having dropped small coins in the street and not retrieved them.

GANDALF <|:-)>
Whats the smallest coin you'll pick up? with me it's 50p

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:04 27 Nov 2006

£5 note.


  mammak 23:11 27 Nov 2006

How very intresting, I do a it's an old saying
" See a penny pick it up then all day you will have good luck" I do not know where it come from but I always do but I have only got about a £5 lol.

  anskyber 23:13 27 Nov 2006

I think I must look at the ground more frequently. Do you not find you are constantly bumping into people while looking at the floor all the time?

  skeletal 23:17 27 Nov 2006

Coppers are a weighty nuisance. I can’t really see the point in them in terms of units of exchange and I certainly wouldn’t bother dirtying my hands grovelling on the floor for one. I may think about 10p upwards to give to the nipper.

Some years ago I needed some largish washers. I drilled holes in some 2p pieces which were perfect for the job, and much cheaper than trying to buy something similar.

No doubt illegal and would get me ten years inside.


  Forum Editor 23:17 27 Nov 2006

my friends and I used to frequent a particularly nice pub in the countryside. On the bar there was a silver coin which had been glued there by the landlord. It amused him (and us) to watch new customers looking furtively to right and left before trying to pick it up. He reckoned he could write a pretty good essay on the subject of human nature as a result of his observations.

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