Would you let PC World...

  spuds 13:08 19 Jul 2007

or a similar organisation, run, perhaps govern or provide support for your child's school.

Just been reading were the government Education Bill could possibly let commercial companies and enterprises remove education funding and expertise from council's.

A number of Trust companies have already been formed, which are resulting in new schools being built, or slightly older schools being refurbished with private money and special grants. And it appears as though the government and councils are encouraging this new capital funding arrangement.Not sure whether I am being cynical here " Because it will take the responsibility of providing funding from the public".

PC World have become involved with a school in Leicestershire - Belvoir High School in Bottesford. PC World were able to negotiate £500.000.00 from the government for IT support. This school is also holding talks with Hewlett Packard, NFU and other interested parties, one being the church. A number of other schools are also taking up opportunities of 'self governing'. Some schools returning to the religious faith angle of the old Christian type village school concept. Other faiths are following similar lines.

Do you think this is a good idea.Will it improve education. Will it cause conflicts between the commercial world and that of the public. Would you like your child or children to wear a sponsored school kit, perhaps similar to a footballers shirt?.

  VideoSentry 13:40 19 Jul 2007

Spuds, my kids school ( secondary ) have a PPP with a very large building firm which after renovating the schoolhave left the school -it seems- to get on with the teaching with no adverse affects.

  Kate B 13:44 19 Jul 2007

If it's a well-run businesses seeking to run the school along business lines, then it might be worth trying so long as it leaves the teaching alone. Good idea.

  PalaeoBill 16:01 19 Jul 2007

PC World is a very successful business, despite competing in a cut-throat market against internet retailers that do not have to carry the cost of premises or anything like the levels of stock and staffing commitments. The likes of you and I might not buy from them unless it is an emergency but I for one have to applaud their achievements. Schools could do a lot worse.

  spuds 16:49 19 Jul 2007

VideoSentry, that's very interesting,recently there was a documentary type of programme on the television that featured schools who had a similar arrangements. In one particular case, the head-teacher who had been praised for their work by many, had tendered their resignation, because the job was becoming unbearable.

In that particular case, most of the problems stemmed around funding and budgets for property repairs. The head-teacher had to obtain quotations for repairs, and submit them to the school governing council.In nearly all cases the head-teacher's quotes received were rejected, and the work was given to a subsidiary company of the original builders, who then contracted the work out at a much higher cost, which caused a major problem in future budgets and cash-flow.

  John B 16:58 19 Jul 2007

What might happen if PC World went bust or were taken over by a company who no longer wished to continue with the 'sponsorship'?

I wonder also about 'state owned' property being given over to private, profit making companies.

  Forum Editor 19:17 19 Jul 2007

with commercial organisations becoming involved with schools, as long as they don't have any control over teaching methods or the curriculum.

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