Would you go to work

  Quiller. 22:12 30 Jun 2013

in Jordan. Al Mafaq is about 10 km from the Syria border.

My son a cad draughtsman usually works on projects in the UK and Europe. Drawing plans for large firms such as Mercedes Benz, Amazon, BMW and individual houses. He is fairly keen but his wife is does not want him to go. He has been offered 33% over his usual fee for a 7 day job. Armed guard from the airport, armed security at hotel and armed patrols at the site.

Would you go?

  bumpkin 22:35 30 Jun 2013

No, his wife and familly are more important.

  bumpkin 22:39 30 Jun 2013

Offering just a third more than his normal rate for risking his life is an insult in the first place

  woody 23:13 30 Jun 2013

If he does NOT value his life - does not care about his wife worrying and wants some excitement - go.

  spuds 23:38 30 Jun 2013

"Would you go"

Most certainly, because I have been in similar situations in my travelling days, usually minus the armed guards. The way I use to look at this was comparing it with the risk of being killed at home in some unfortunate way, but different people have different views, especially if they have extremely strong ties at home. Even member's of the armed forces have strong ties at home, with much less opportunities of increased pay.

The only suggestion I would make, is have sufficient and correct insurance and possibly check the foreign Office website?.

  Flak999 00:11 01 Jul 2013

To be honest, any westerner visiting muslim lands at the moment is literally dicing with death. I am sure you value your sons life above all else, if he were my son I would do all I could to dissuade him.

What is money compared to his life?

  morddwyd 06:54 01 Jul 2013

Yes, even weighing up the risks, it's an experience not to be missed.

Depends on you personal make up I suppose.

  sunnystaines 07:08 01 Jul 2013

The Jordainians are very different to most middle east arabs I was there end of last year. I found they are similar to the emeriates states very friendly easy going and seem to have a traditional respect for the british, I would be quiet happy there. cannot say the same for some other nations out there.

  Quickbeam 08:18 01 Jul 2013

For a 7 day job, it's not really the money you're doing it for, but as some have said the cultural experience.

In the '60s my father, a mining and tunneling engineer, went to Israel for 9 months. Being only 7/8 at the time, I didn't know it was an unsettled country, but I knew he thought it was a great few months.

On the other hand, can't that sort of work be done remotely from anywhere else in the world with a web access?

  Nontek 08:51 01 Jul 2013

Hmm, difficult this - normally I would say Go, I spent a really great 18months in Bahrain, the experience was incredible. However, If I was married and my wife said she did not like the idea, then I would not go! Wife and family come first!

  Chronos the 2nd 09:42 01 Jul 2013

I say definitely go unless of course you do not need the money. It's only seven days and if we all lived our lives that every country near a conflict zone was going to be dangerous how on earth did we manage when the Irish troubles were in full swing?

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