Would you buy an e-book reader?

  PC Advisor 14:18 10 Nov 2010

The Amazon Kindle 3 or DX could be big hits this Christmas. But are you convinced by e-book readers? Have your say in the poll in the lefthand column.

  Seth Haniel 14:46 10 Nov 2010

Are they touch screen ??

I can't get away with touch screen (mp4 player included) or touch anything they just go haywire when I touch them (or not work at all)
even the lamps that you just have to touch the base of to switch on/off do not work for me. Stick with the mouse and PC

  sunnystaines 15:00 10 Nov 2010

no prefer a real book

  tullie 15:19 10 Nov 2010

I have had a Kindle for about 2 months now and find it terrific.Once used to it,it is just like a real book.I also use Kindle for PC.I also use software called Calibre E Book Management which stores all my books that i have to convert to the Kindle format,then transfer to my Kindle.

  Roger Evens 15:32 10 Nov 2010

I agree with tullie. I bought one for myself and one for my wife. I wouldn't be without now especially as we spend weeks away caravanning and don't now need to carry those excess weighty books. I got one with 3g so can download away from home too.

  anchor 16:04 10 Nov 2010

No!. Like sunnystaines a prefer a real book.

Moreover, you pay something over £100 for the Kindle, then pay about £5 to £10 for each book.

  interzone55 16:09 10 Nov 2010

I'm pondering the relative merits of a Kindle and Sony PRS-350, I really don't know which to get.

The Kindle is £50 cheaper than the Sony (£25ish cheaper after the Sony VAT rebate), but the Sony has a nicer screen, looks better and offers better compatibility.

I really don't know which to buy should Father Festive Period drop sufficient cash in my stocking come Dec 25th...

(btw Mr PC Advisor prepare for rapped knuckles for mentioning the C word before the appointed date)

  Woolwell 16:28 10 Nov 2010

I have a Sony PRS-300 which I bought about 9 months ago. I have some doubts that I made the right decision and should have waited for the Kindle. Amazon have a good range for example the Ian Rankin Rebus books are available in Kindle format but seem to have disappeared in epub format. Kindle format cannot be converted to epub. I hope that the Kindle isn't killing off the other formats. On the plus side there are old classics available for free and a few public libraries allow you to borrow ebooks in epub format (unfortunately not in my area).
For all of these readers it isn't very different from reading a book. They are relatively light, open at the page you stopped at and if you go on holiday you can carry several books at once.

  Forum Editor 17:01 10 Nov 2010

who - like many others - doesn't like reading long slabs of text on a computer monitor. For that reason I approached the whole idea of an e-book reader with a degree of caution; I prejudged, and placed these devices in the 'won't catch on' category.

Then I met someone (an American) at a business conference who told me she was a convert - she had a Kindle with her, and what I saw made me want to investigate further.

My wife and I now have a Kindle each, and I can honestly say that I doubt if I'll ever buy another paper book. My Kindle goes everywhere I go, and now contains over 160 books and rising. It's a joy to use, and cheaper - books cost less than their paper versions. It has already paid for itself in terms of the savings I've made and there's a bonus - Amazon gave me the complete works of Charles Dickens for nothing (that's over 60 books), and all the Sherlock Holmes books for a couple of pounds. Many out of copyright works are free. Publishers are getting the idea that every new book should be available in Kindle format, and the catalogue is growing fast.

Reading a Kindle is a delight - it looks just like a printed page. The screen isn't back-lit like a monitor, so there's no glare, just a page with crystal-clear text and images.

I can store PDF files, send and receive emails, browse the web (I have the latest 3G model), and get a book in about a minute, almost anywhere in the world using Amazon's 'whisper-net' internet connection, free of charge.

I'm completely hooked - the Kindle gets my personal award as the best device of 2010

  egapup 18:58 10 Nov 2010

Bought my wife one...she loves it.

  tullie 19:14 10 Nov 2010

Agree with everything you say except the cost of books.EBooks are subject to VAT apparently and you can get some good buys in the Supermarket,ie two for £8 or less,however,i wouldent be without my Kindle.

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