Would you Adam and Eve it? Weather Warning

  Bingalau 22:25 26 Jun 2009
  Forum Editor 22:29 26 Jun 2009

Very hot weather causes many deaths in temperate countries. Older people and babies are particularly vulnerable. An advance warning like this alerts relatives and or carers of old people who live alone.

  bluto1 22:32 26 Jun 2009

I hope no MP claims for that bottle of water. (I'm being kind, it could be a different drink)..(:-))

  Bingalau 22:39 26 Jun 2009

I will phone all my grandchildren tomorrow and ask them to bring mobile air conditioning units and stacks of bottles of Tiger or Becks or something like that...

Seriously I will be making sure I keep doors and windows open to allow a breeze to waft through the house and curtains closed on the sunny side of the house. I shall curb my intake of alcohol and increase water intake. I will wear a hat at all times when I am outdoors and drink lots of water.

Back to the lighthearted bit..... I will ask the blonde lady over the road if she will come and check on me at regular intervals during the day and night.. Well she told me last week that she had just bin-bagged her boy friend.... I live in hope and will probably die in despair of course.

  laurie53 06:04 27 Jun 2009

I am affected by heat because of the medication I am on. Warnings like this allow me to plan my days.

  BT 08:59 27 Jun 2009

"Seriously I will be making sure I keep doors and windows open to allow a breeze to waft through the house"

I also try to do this but my neighbours seem to think that just because the weather's good they just HAVE to fire up the BBQ at every opportunity, and its always when the breeze is blowing the stink directly into my French doors!

Shan't be worrying whether she's got washing out next time I want to have a bonfire.

  Armchair 09:45 27 Jun 2009

It might be heatwave time in London, but not up here in the NE. Next four days is all grey skies, drizzle, and a max. of 17 to 20C. Which is alright by me, because I'll be stuck in front of a PC in a non air conditioned learning centre.

  dagnammit 12:11 27 Jun 2009

We live in a terraced house and our dragonesque neighbour seems to enjoy standing outside polluting herself err. I mean smoking cigarettes. So we can't open the living room windows.

  Bapou 12:35 27 Jun 2009

"Seriously I will be making sure I keep doors and windows open to allow a breeze to waft through the house."

We did that, Tuesday June 2nd, lovely summer's day. So lovely we both dozed off in the garden between 1pm and 2pm. At 2pm we realised something was amiss, the car had disappeared from the front of the house!

Cut a long story short, some toerag had calmly walked past us, entered the house, picked up the car keys from the kitchen bench, plus £25 cash which was also near the keys and calmly drove the car away.

Car was found by police 6 days later, in a car park 5 miles away, not a mark on it. Toerag must have wanted to save the bus fare, can't think of any other reason.

So, if you do allow the breeze to waft through, be sure to prevent any chance of a toerag wafting in with it somewhere.

  Stuartli 14:12 27 Jun 2009

I live about seven or eight miles from Bingalau - the temperature here yesterday afternoon ranged from 27 to 31 degrees Celsius...:-)

  Forum Editor 14:37 27 Jun 2009

and I have to drive to Oxford later on this afternoon - thank goodness for aircon in the car.

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