Would you Adam and Eve it

  postie24 18:28 05 Jul 2007

Adam Crozier is paid over £1 million a year.
Royal Mail have just announced this years bonuses for managers.
So at a time when Royal Mail claim postmen/women are overpaid and under worked.

Thes are the amounts managers choose to award themselves.
Line Manager - £1.460 after tax
Delivery office Manager - £3,000-£4,000 after tax
Shift manager - £6,000

Royal Mail offered us 2.5% (less than £10 a week)
With strings - a pay cut

And last week i put in an order for some items of uniform,only to be told Royal Mail have over spent and theres no money available yet for new uniform.
Words fail me.

  Monoux 18:35 05 Jul 2007

Looks like the 'rats ' are lining their pockets before jumping a sinking ship

  postie24 18:37 05 Jul 2007

Couldnt have put it better myself.

  wee eddie 18:49 05 Jul 2007

Directors belief that can award themselves as much as they can get away with.

Managers are awarded more than inflation.

Workforce awarded as little as possible and cut wherever possible.

This is done in the belief that Industry will prosper under this regime. Sad really, because all that has happened is that the Industries that have practised this have gone to the wall. You only have to look at the Motor Trade Both UK and US.

  postie24 19:00 05 Jul 2007

Another 24 hr strike next thursday.
If Royal Mail succeed with their business plan,managers bonus payments in future years will be even bigger :((

  Stuartli 19:13 05 Jul 2007

The big bosses will have had watertight contracts drawn up before taking charge.

  Si_L 19:58 05 Jul 2007

Would it not be more effective to strike for a week? I hardly noticed the strike last time. If you want results, you need to tick the public off, and the big dogs will listen.

  lisa02 20:29 05 Jul 2007

Agree with Si_L. 1 day is a bit minimal.

Can relate to what your saying. The company is boasting shop staff will receive £200, £350 or £500 depending on hours worked. Most will be around £200 or £350. (less than 2 weeks pay on average).

The head office staff will receive up to 1 yrs salary and the directors and what have you are to receive multi-million pound bonuses.

Puts you in your place I guess. So fight it.

  Kate B 20:39 05 Jul 2007

The trouble with striking is that it's a long drawn-out process to do it legally - it's designed to make union members lose the will to live during the process of getting there. A one-day wildcat strike you can just about pull off despite its illegality - you just lose the day's pay - but to do a long strike legally you have to jump through loads of time-consuming hoops. And you have to get your membership very committed to it and cajole them through the long process and keep them hanging on in there. That's one of the reasons you see so few strikes these days.

  Si_L 20:50 05 Jul 2007

So Kate B - what you are saying is that we don't see strike any more these days is because the top dogs who will be most effected by the strike made some laws to make it almost impossible to rebel against them?

  lisa02 20:57 05 Jul 2007

Top Dogs?

That would be Thatcher Si_L.

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