Would You?

  bremner 15:36 03 Aug 2011

Click here Mr Flynn doesn't float my boat how about you?

  wee eddie 16:14 03 Aug 2011

They, as individuals, may not.

But Power does ~ In spades

  Crosstrainer2 16:22 03 Aug 2011

As wee eddie say's, it's got to be the power....He's no oil painting is he? LOL

  interzone55 16:54 03 Aug 2011

I know a couple of MPs and they have no magnetism of any kind...

  Bingalau 17:27 03 Aug 2011

I can't think of any female MP's who would float my boat either. In fact I wouldn't want to work very close to any of them. Some of them are really dowdy. Maybe I should have said "most of them are really dowdy".

  Forum Editor 18:09 03 Aug 2011

I couldn't care less what an MP looks like; they're not elected to look good. As for sexual magnetism, I'm sure that some of them have it, and some of them don't.

Powerful people can certainly be attractive to the opposite sex, simply because of that, although I think the power/attraction thing works mainly when the powerful person is male - I've never felt attracted to a woman just because she was powerful and influential.

  Aitchbee 18:23 03 Aug 2011

What do M.P.'s do? I know there are about seven hundred of the aforementioned. Some of them appear on PMQ on TV. They are all career-orientated, money-grabbing, egotistical, individuals who were good at debating at school.Some end up as leaders of our country.Does anyone beg to differ? Mr Speaker I'm off to the pub.

  Chegs ®™ 19:20 03 Aug 2011

I've never felt attracted to a woman just because she was powerful and influential.

I have,but I also feel intimidated so wont even venture close enough to start conversation.

  Colin 19:23 03 Aug 2011

Bernie Eccleston is a good example.

  bremner 19:40 03 Aug 2011


Surely you mean "Mrs Eccelestone, what first attracted you to the billionaire Bernie"

  Bingalau 20:02 03 Aug 2011

What I want to know about parliament and MP's is... Why do they bob up and down at Question Time, I'm sure they already know who is going to be called to speak. They even bob up and down after the Speaker has called the name of the MP who is next up. But there must be a reason. Can anybody enlighten me please?

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