WOT...PC Advisor red flag???

  dororof 12:34 22 Mar 2011

I have just clicked on a number of competitions to enter and WOT went mad. Red rag to a bull kind of mad.
Anyone else using WOT find the same problem.???

  lotvic 12:59 22 Mar 2011

Nope, all okay here. Where are you clicking to enter the Comps? email links or in column on left of this page?

  birdface 14:19 22 Mar 2011

yes you are quite right I tried spacial offers on the left and quite a few with Red warnings from WOT.

  birdface 14:22 22 Mar 2011

Using Firefox4 I get the red Warning.
Using I/E they are Ok so not sure what is going on.

  Forum Editor 16:08 22 Mar 2011

everything WOT tells you, it isn't infallible by a long chalk.

  onthelimit 16:56 22 Mar 2011

I've given up using because of so many false alerts.

  Woolwell 17:04 22 Mar 2011

Same as onthelimit. Far too many false alerts on sites that I know are good. If it does that how good is it at alerting really bad ones. Common sense seems to be a better option.

  birdface 18:24 22 Mar 2011

This is what it shows for AVG on special offers.
May well be wrong.

click here

  birdface 18:47 22 Mar 2011

Just checked on I/E8 and it will not open any security programs on that page although it will open others like the I-phone so not that sure nothing is wrong.
Either that the problems is with my computer.
Just removed IE9 and downloaded Firefox4 so maybe some problems with that.
I have ran my security programs and found nothing just possibly a problem with special offers page.

  dororof 19:42 22 Mar 2011

i use link on left of this page.
Generally its OK,i know it sometimes gives false positives.
onthelimit,woolwell...tending to agree,i also have Norton safe search..no issues there.
I do not think there is anything sinister involved,i think people flag it because they do not realise that certain details need to be exchanged so they consider it to be a phishing site.
I think i will remove.
buteman, how is this for weird..in 32 bit mode wot red flags..
in 64 bit mode....no problem.

  birdface 20:00 22 Mar 2011

Could be something to do with that.
I use W/7 64bit but using 32bit on I/E and firefox.

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