Wot...No Security!

  SimpleSimon1 11:43 28 Feb 2011

Many Vodafone subscribers west of London and down into the SW will have noticed their network appears to have vanished, today. Unfortunately, it would appear (click here) that thieves broke into one of their Basingstoke data centres overnight (presumably looking for cables to nick) and, in the process, damaged some vital equipment - hence, the big silence.

Whilst crime is always going to be a problem, am I the only one who is slightly surprised that a seemingly-key part of Vodafones network can be knocked out so easily? After all, if it's that vital a component in their national comms infrastructure, wouldn't you expect it to have a reasonable level of security?

  jakimo 11:51 28 Feb 2011

I would expect it to have a back-up system at least,or more secure doors at the very least

  peter99co 14:11 28 Feb 2011

The kind of security needed to stop cable thieves is high voltage bare wires but health and safety rules are probably against the idea.

  SimpleSimon1 14:56 28 Feb 2011

"...so I wonder how widespread the problem is."

Well, according to their statement on the Beeb (click here), Vodafone have said that "..several hundred thousand customers had lost voice, text and internet access."!

Seems to be mainly out West through the Thames Coridor which would make sense since the data centre was in/near Basingstoke.

I guess the real problem is companies whose comms contract is with Vodafone and who's field staff have lost all mobile communications. For example, we have approx.300 staff in the field at any one time and all their day-to-day phone and data comms is through company-supplied phones and 3G dongles. Fortunately, our contract is not with Vodafone but I know if we ever lost voice and data on our company kit 'in the field', it would put a heck of a crimp in our operations.

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