Worst Windows features we love to hate

  Managing ed 16:18 20 Jul 2007

During our by now traditional (and heated) Friday afternoon list-compilation party, the PC Advisor staff have come up with a roll call of 20 top Windows glitches and flaws that get our collective goat. But I have a sneaking suspicion there are more out there...

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What do people think? Are we being unfair to the Redmond crew? Are we missing out on other, much more irritating Windows glitches?

My personal enemy number one is WGA, but I was outvoted ;-(

Matt Egan
Managing Editor
PC Advisor

  Strawballs 16:25 20 Jul 2007

I have never been bitten by WGA but had I been one of the people that had with a genuine copy I might be singing a different tune!

  wolfie3000 16:26 20 Jul 2007

I would vote for the lack of shell styles from Microsoft,

With windows XP you get blue, silver or that truely awefull olive colours,

You can download a few others like royale and royale noir'e but i would love a few more.

You can "pimp up" your pc with others if you want to spend a bit of cash on third party software but it causes your system to slow down nearly to a crawl.

I myself am using royale noir'e but i would love Microsoft to give us a few more options as the ones that come pre packed with XP seem to me a bit cartoony.

  octal 17:04 20 Jul 2007

I don't use Windows, well, not at home anyway but I found the moblog interesting click here it's a wonder they get anything done at Redmond, having said that it's probably typical of any large organisation.

  crosstrainer 17:08 20 Jul 2007

Does anyone remember the truly awful "hotdog stand" colour scheme in Windows 3.11?

What amazes me is that they actually paid someone to write the code for this...I will try and find an image for those who never saw this, it's legendary.

  crosstrainer 17:11 20 Jul 2007

Here it is, in all it's true glory...fancy working with this all dclick here?

  crosstrainer 17:11 20 Jul 2007

Link got merged

click here

  octal 17:20 20 Jul 2007

I'm sure we've got a copy of that on one of our computers at work, we only use the computer for the DOS database, but I'll have a closer look when I'm next at work.

  crosstrainer 17:22 20 Jul 2007

Have to give it my vote.

  Peter J 17:25 20 Jul 2007

My personal favourite (if you pardon the pun) is that Microsoft continue to use the word 'Favorite', in XP and IE when selling to English (UK) consumers.

  Kate B 17:31 20 Jul 2007

Blimey, that was bad *dons sunglasses*

Here's the default scheme for 3.11, which I had on my first PC click here

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