Worlds Largest Cruise Liner

  tigertop2 17:20 03 Nov 2009

It carries some 6000 passengers plus crew. But can anyone tell me how many lifeboats it has? And how do they provide space in them for the total passengers and crew numbers?

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  jakimo 17:28 03 Nov 2009

already covered

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  TopCat® 17:47 03 Nov 2009

There will be 18 lifeboats on this ship, each capable of carrying 370 passengers and crew. A full description and photo can be seen at click here Scroll down page to view it. TC.

  Monoux 18:27 03 Nov 2009

According to the link there are 18 lifeboats each capable of carrying 370 people

18 x 370 = 6660

However it seems the ship can carry 5400 passengers and 3000 crew = 8400

I seem to recal the titanic didn't have enough lifeboats, has nothing been learnt from history.

Lets hope it doesn't meet an iceberg

  tigertop2 20:21 03 Nov 2009

Monoux appears to have worked out precisely why I asked the question. Somehow I don't think I would be a willing passenger on this vessel. I read in another post it can take 4 hours to get on board. One wonders how long it takes to get to and board your lifeboat,especially if the lifts are not working and it is a force 9!

Maybe an expert mariner would like to comment?

  Picklefactory 13:08 04 Nov 2009

"Lets hope it doesn't meet an iceberg"

Lets hope it doesn't meet a large wave side on too, I'm sure the designers would have planned for that, but it doesn't half look top heavy to me.

I'm with tigertop2, I'll stick to a rowing boat in Regents Park thanks.

  Strawballs 22:30 04 Nov 2009

It is 225,000 tons, an American airceraft carrier is 95,000 tons and is made of much heavier material and they are massive so to be that much heavier and made of lighter material is mind blowing.

  Direct7 15:16 05 Nov 2009

Never get in a lifeboat ,always use an orange raft,remember Herald of free Enterprise.

  Woolwell 13:30 26 Nov 2009

On the BBC news today there has been extensive coverage. They keep referring to it being launched today. This may be the official naming but surely it was launched some time ago. The reporter referring to the back end rather than the stern made me feel pedantic too.

  v1asco 15:53 26 Nov 2009

As an experienced Mariner (over 40 years at sea and still doing it) and also responsible for the maintenance of safety equipment, I would say rest assured, should you have the luxury of times to board the Boats it will only take a couple of seconds to launch.

Also, go for the boat not the raft. You have more chance of being seasick in a raft, which leads to de-hydration. Water, of course, is rationed, we normally use these, click here and the solid rations.

Note the water is in 50ml sachets and you will get one of these at fixed intervals (possibly nothing for first 24hrs).

If you want to know if you really want to be stranded in the middle of the Pacific (a lot of which is uncharted, though things are catching up quick)google survival at sea.

I have not worked on Passenger Vessels but would advise anyone to take all drills and exercises seriously, as we do on Tankers etc.

Also, these days, no ship would be allowed out without the minimum lifesaving appliances.

With modern communications response to a distress is almost immediate, it is the press of one button to send a distress. This is then co-ordinated from say Falmouth or Norway, then it depends on whose around to help you.

and remember, no matter where you are at sea the nearest land is usually under you.

Large vessels can sink and you won't even get your feet wet.

  jack 20:35 26 Nov 2009

are two very different measurements.
The 95,000- ton of a warship is measured lxwxdraught apply wight of seawater =Displacement
and is accurate.
Whereas the 225,000 ton figure given for a commercial ship is an acarcane figure arrrived at by measuring the 'selable' space[ not mamachines/stores/crew space, and applying a factor.

To get an accurate measure of any ship
take full length at waterline x width at waterline and depth in the water- multiply it up and apply you get somany cubic metres- apply the weight c-metre of seawater- and the true weight will be revealed- called displacement.

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