World oil supplies are set to run out soon

  Nibblerman 00:22 15 Jun 2007

This is worrying not jsut for us but fo our kids,

this might give some explanation as to why "Mr Bush" is so keen to get his hands on the reserves etc

2011 eh now thats worrying cause the prices will simply soar if this comes true & it will effect everyone.

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  Input Overload 01:31 15 Jun 2007

Glad I run a new Punto.

  robgf 02:02 15 Jun 2007

The oil will not actually run out, it is just that demand will outstrip the supply. You can only extract it so fast.
When the demand is greater than the supply, the price will shoot up and more effort will be put into being economical and using alternatives.

Eventually over several decades oil will become too expensive to use as fuel.
But by then we will all be using our Star Trek style transporters, or more likely bicycles. lol

  Nibblerman 02:08 15 Jun 2007

Star Trek style transporters..!!1

lmao yeah i think we've all got the idea's well the professor's have them but i think the goverments etc arent pushing the idea's through,

not sure about "Star Trek style transporters"

  georgemac © 07:06 15 Jun 2007

An excellent article

World recession - I remember people saying when the oil price was $20 that if it got back to $40 or $50 per barrel there would be a recession - there has not been one.

As the oil price increases non-viable oil fields will then be brought into production but these will not be able to keep up if demand grows as forecast in the article

The UK really needs to develop it's future energy policy and get on with it - there is currently too much talk and not enough action

If we don't go nuclear (in my opinion we have no choice) then we have vast coal reserves in this country - we need to start looking at coal fired power stations and carbon capture schemes

A trial carbon capture scheme near to where we live at Peterhead power station has just been shelved - the CO2 was to be captured and sent offshore to a depleted oil field and stored in the reservoir - the government were blamed by BP for lack of support when it shelved the project.

  Cymro. 10:11 15 Jun 2007

The world running out of oil is indeed a very worrying problem, although I dare say

the oil will probably last at least a little longer than the present over pessimistic

forecasters tell us. Whatever we are to do when it runs out depends very much on the

scientists. I hope very much that they will come up with some practical alternative.

As the remaining oil goes up and up in price it will boost inflation and wreck the

economy's of many countries. This could well lead to wars that could all too easily

turn in to world wars that would then become nuclear wars. So the sooner the

governments of the world come to term with this problem the better it will be for us all.

  PalaeoBill 10:23 15 Jun 2007

I wonder how much this scaremongering has to do with the Government wanting to build nuclear power stations. Not that I am cynical or anything.

  DrScott 15:33 15 Jun 2007

this story every time it came around, I'd have expected us to be living in huts by now.

Same old, same old...

  The Brigadier 15:52 15 Jun 2007

And also this may be time for car makers to start making dual-fuel cars.
Go and try to by one today or a hybrid and most cost 20-45% more than the petrol version. It's time however for car makers to start looking to the future!

I run both the Defender & Dicovery currently on bio-fuel, either cooking oil or other associated fuels.

  Cymro. 15:58 15 Jun 2007

The way things are going we may well be only too glad to start building nuclear power stations again.

If the lights start to go out then what else is there for us?. As a means of producing electricity

they are cleaner and more practical then many other methods.

  mole44 16:03 15 Jun 2007

America has vast supplies of oil in alaska,the Russians to have vast oilfields as well,so don`t worry.If it was going to run out would Airbus for example be developing the for Nuclear no one seems to say Anything about geothermal power like Iceland has,Cheap clean and inexhaustable.Water down a hole steam up it only pollution water vapour.

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