World Community Grid

  cyberping 12:21 31 Aug 2006

Is anyone a Cruncher or Foldder @ WCG? Or for other Projects
More info at click here

  cyberping 17:25 31 Aug 2006

So is no one here a cruncher or folder them?
Just one of the many team involved are this one at click here or try click here

  Rigga 17:46 31 Aug 2006

I'm a member of the PCAdvisor team at > click here <


  cyberping 17:49 31 Aug 2006

May see you @ WCG some time then ;-)

  cyberping 17:50 31 Aug 2006

Got a spare rig, may come and join you if i'm allowed!

  sean-278262 18:58 03 Sep 2006

I just signed up myself there. Used to do [email protected] till it got the boinc thing and it refused to work. I prefered the older version. As a scientist this is something I can totally enjoy as it makes sense. More than I can say for Windows XP which when it goes wrong makes none to me!

  1minute 18:38 07 Sep 2006

It's probably the one good thing i do all the time. I'm using my PC to help others to discover medial breakthroughs.

  wolfie3000 19:03 07 Sep 2006

Iv never heard of this before,
How does one get involved?
And what is it?

Can someone explain what it is to me in idiot speak please?

  Forum Editor 07:58 08 Sep 2006

In essence Grid computing is a method by which the processing power of ordinary home computers throughout the world is combined during their 'idle time' to form what amounts to a huge super-computer.

You download a small software application, and then, when you're not using your machine it automatically begins processing data that it has downloaded from the main grid site. The results are then passed back to the site, your machine downloads a fresh data batch, and processing begins on that. When you start using your machine it stops processing the Grid data.

This kind of data processing has been around for quite a long time - originally for processing cancer research data, or data coming from the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestial Intelligence) project, but later expanded to include AIDS, and the Human Genome project. There are now many different Grid-computing projects in action.

Back in the early days we were one of the first (if not THE first) computer forum sites to get involved in this work, and in 2001 I started a PC Advisor forum team processing cancer research data. We decided to withdraw from active forum support because there were so many other projects that people wanted to support, and we felt that it was unfair to favour one project if we couldn't support them all - and we couldn't.

For that reason we don't have an 'official' PCA team (and we're not planning to do so), but to their credit some of the original team members still run the PCA team at If you would like to join them, I'm sure you'll find a warm welcome - just go to the link posted earlier by Rigga.

  def90csw 09:46 08 Sep 2006

I crunch for a team on a rival forum on WCG.
It is enjoyable not just to score points and beat your fellow team members but also do good for medical research.

I crunch with a group of people from all around the world & have spoken to others on other crunching & folding forums, it's one big community doing good for others.

  wolfie3000 19:37 08 Sep 2006

Thanks you FE for the explaination thats made it alot clearer for me.

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