Working time directive

  DANZIG 05:16 14 Jan 2009

I was having a look at Direct.Gov website concerning this but either because of the hour or a general inability to read at the moment I couldn't get my head round it.

Its to do with a situation I'm finding myself in today.

We're having a new software system installed in an hour or so and, to prepare for this, myself and a few others at work have had to work late tonight (we're normally out no later than half 10 but tonight/this morning we got out at half one). I have to be back at work to assist the engineer no later than half 6 so have had 5 hours between shifts.

None of my management team have offered to help me out (in fact none of them were there tonight either).

Is the gap between working 'days' legal or is the fact that I've accepted this enough to cover them?

  wiz-king 05:50 14 Jan 2009

My first thought is that you are lucky none of the managment team were there! As for the hours, for some jobs there are maximum periods and minimum rest periods specified. Other than that I do not know.

  WhiteTruckMan 06:55 14 Jan 2009

and you dont seem to be a mobile worker-seperate regs-ten I wouldn't worry about this instance, if I were you.

However, you might just want to have a quick tot up of your working hours for the last 2-3 weeks. If they come out anywhere near or over 48 per week then you might want to either think about cutting down your hours or signing an opt out, just to cover yourself. (I think the opt out option is going to be withdrawn in the next year or two, but I'm not entirely sure)


off to bed now having just done a night myself, put over 700kms under the wheels

  Quickbeam 08:02 14 Jan 2009

It seems quite complicated, try here click here I've seen what you're looking for somewhere but can't remember where.

As WTM says I wouldn't worry about a one off instance, It makes you look flexible and a like an indispensable asset. However in the past when it's been suggested to me that I return to work in less than 12 hours on a regular basis, I've been completely uncooperative, I wouldn't wear that one for anyone.

  dagnammit 08:27 14 Jan 2009

A friendly colleague of mine was asking me the other day how our boss seems to give me the days off that I want, when I want, and he struggles to even get a Saturday off.

It transpires that any time he's asked to change a shift he says no, where as I am the opposite - I always say yes. I very rarely work my set contracted hours.

While it's against the rules to have such a short rest period but a one off is nothing and will show you in a green light to the bosses.

Good luck!

  interzone55 08:57 14 Jan 2009

My understanding is that there should be at least 11 hours between shifts.

In your case it's probably OK as this is a one-off.

I'd do as WTM says though and work out your hours, if you regularly work close to or more than 48 hours across a 7 day period you need to either sign the opt-out if you want to, or point out to your employer that you should not be working more than 48 hours a week.

A couple of years ago I put in 48 hours in 3 days during a new database role out at work. As my employer at the time didn't allow us to work more than 48 hours a week (nice man, but wouldn't pay the overtime) I had to take the rest of the week off...

  numskull 10:05 14 Jan 2009

I'm sure I read somewhere that, "your working week should AVERAGE 11 hours between shifts." but cannot remember where I read this.

  Simsy 13:11 14 Jan 2009

but may not be compelled to, have a break of leass than 11 hours between turns of duty.

There is no "averaging" involved in this instance.

There is often reference to a "48 hour week". The directive regarding this is that you cannot be forced to work an average of more than 48 hours per week, averaged over a 17 week period. There is nothing to stop you working more than that, other than seperate health and safety regs, eg number of hours for drivers.



  Simsy 13:14 14 Jan 2009

Working hours;
click here

11 hour breaks
click here



  Noldi 17:01 14 Jan 2009

I sympathize with you.
My job would be advertised as flexible thinking towards working hours. 70+ hours last week on salary but then it is our busy time.


  DANZIG 21:37 14 Jan 2009

Thanks everyone.

Interesting stuff

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