Working in an Hospice Any ideas please?

  Autoschediastic 16:49 30 Aug 2011

Good afternoon everyone, ive just been headhunted for a admin role in a Hospice and i haven't the foggiest what to expect from the role, this comes the same week as my wife has got an interview and some time last week i asked for some advice from some of you & what an amazing response i had from you all which i was very greatfull.

So can i take it one more step please and ask if anyone could advise me on key elements to expect and what is expected from me.? maybe any questions i could ask them too?

Ive worked in Hotels for the last ten years in the Front of house (Reception) so this is a role with a distinct difference, my meeting is tomorrow..



  tullie 17:39 30 Aug 2011

How come you were headhunted when you dont know what is involved with the job?

  sunnystaines 17:44 30 Aug 2011

try and get a few days/or longer shadowing the present admin before they go and discuss how finances are set up and work and the role of any staff involved in supporting him.

any problem area's and why he is leaving.

  wiz-king 17:44 30 Aug 2011

Make friends with the maintenance man, he could be your greatest cost cutter.

Keep a very detailed address book of local suppliers and craftsmen.

Ask about the limits (boundaries) of the job - you don't want to tread on toes to start with.

  wiz-king 17:46 30 Aug 2011

Don't take the staff out for dinner - especially the new receptionist!grin

  Forum Editor 19:37 30 Aug 2011

If you were headhunted there must have been a reason - do you have any particular skills or previous experience that would make you especially suited to the job?

Come to think of it, what is the job? 'Admin' covers a wide variety of roles. Without any details I can only offer general advice.

In a hospice I imagine you will need to be particularly sensitive to the needs and feelings of the patients and their friends and relatives. A calm, reassuring attitude would obviously be a good start, as would an unflappable nature.

What the HR industry calls 'people skills' would undoubtedly help enormously - if you're good at getting on with colleagues, and you can get people to help you without appearing to be bossy and domineering you'll be off to a flying start.

  wee eddie 19:39 30 Aug 2011

Did Volunteer work in our local Hospice for just short of 20 years.

Have seen Admin Staff come and go. My advice:

Tread carefully, there are lots of Positions that are very protective of their role, which is often slightly at odds with their Job Description.

The pace will be many leagues below that of the Hotel Trade but, don't take that to mean that they are not professional and dedicated to their task.

Beware of "Well Meaning" Volunteers, they will probably drive you to distraction, while you try to steer them away from someone else's purlieu without offending them. You will need all the Volunteers you can get, so you can't afford to loose even the least efficient.

And, by the by, treat Volunteers as equal to the Regular Staff. The occasional word of thanks does not go amiss but over obsequious, back patting is embarrassing.

  Autoschediastic 20:23 30 Aug 2011

Hi everyone WOW i mean wow! thank you so much for ALL the replies and all your time its took to create them huge comments, I was head hunted not because i have an particular skill but because Face to Face i am a real people person and a fantastic communicator, if i am truthful many years ago i used to Multitask fantastically! but it all went pear shaped and now a days i tend to do one thing at a time BUT get it done 100% everytime..

some places stipulate that they need multitaskers ONLY! i did that but found i was leaving work unfinished and wanted to really concentrate on finishing the job/s i had in front of me, anyway the interview is tomorrow at lunchtime & ive done all the research of the establishment as in who's who and the history and how the place runs Etc ive got the questions i need to ask now (Thanks everyone for your help there!)

i just need to be on the ball and i think i stand a pretty good chance if i'm been honest... I sometimes go off subject on this forum whilst replying to threads but i am a decent normal person normally guys!

Anyway thanks to EVERYONE for your help i am forever in your debt!


A :-)

  Forum Editor 22:58 30 Aug 2011

Whatever you do,

Don't say "I am a real people person and a fantastic communicator"

Let them decide about that.

  Clapton is God 15:03 31 Aug 2011


If the way you 'communicate' in this Forum is an example of being a "fantastic communicator", I'd be grateful if you could let me know which Hospice has "headhunted" you.

I can then run in the opposite direction.

  sunnystaines 15:35 31 Aug 2011

good luck

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