Woolas election 'must be re-run'

  jakimo 13:02 05 Nov 2010

Not the most likable of politicians,Woolas's false statements against his electoral opponent
Liberal Democrat Elwyn Watkins has resulted in the Oldham East election having to be re-run.
there may only be 103 votes difference between them,but since the election the way the Liberal Democrats have renaged on their pledges to the electorate,Woolas will most likely increase his majority.

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  al's left peg 13:10 05 Nov 2010

Can't stand the bloke, even though he is Labour. He reminds me of Tebbit, Heseltine, Prescott and Mandelson all roled into one. He shares their attitude that the electorate are all fools and must do as they are told because they say so.
People like him should not be in any form of governing power, it goes to their heads and massages their ego's. I hope he is soundly beaten.

  Quickbeam 13:10 05 Nov 2010

'renaged', can also be interpreted as rising to the tough challenge of providing a stable coalition government which requires compromise from both parties for the good of the country.

It'll be interesting to see what the result is, but I certainly don't think that it's already decided by reason of your simple statement.

  Woolwell 13:23 05 Nov 2010

Will Woolas be able to stand again or will he be deselected?

  jakimo 13:26 05 Nov 2010

My simple statement as you call it,is based on the strong feelings many Lib.Dem voters and now MPs are expressing on the u-turn on pledges

  jakimo 13:29 05 Nov 2010

'Will Woolas be able to stand again or will he be deselected?'

That could be a possibility,and he certainly would not get my vote

  johndrew 14:30 05 Nov 2010

Interesting how members of the last Government have managed to cause so many problems and old rules/laws to be needed. What with expenses in both Houses, passports, travelling with Russian oligarchs and now (what amounts to) slander causing an electoral re-run.

I wonder when it will all end .....

  961 15:15 05 Nov 2010

Will Joanna run?

  jakimo 15:16 05 Nov 2010

Its just transpired that unless Woolas wins his appeal, he will be barred from the the House of Commons for 3 years,and two new candidates will be put forward

  morddwyd 19:59 05 Nov 2010

I'm no pundit, but with such a small, if flawed, majority, I think it will be an interesting snapshot of how the Lib Dems are doing.

I personally think that they will suffer badly, but that's just a personal view, which I would not attempt to justify.

  john 52 21:08 05 Nov 2010

I agree with morddwyd on this one it will be very interesting .

I think Fourum member is preparing us for the poor showing by saying the result is meaningless . I just wonder if the conservatives would be tempted not field a candidate but I think they will as the Conservative got 26% of the votes .

To be honest he got what he deserved if the allegation is true

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