Wonders never cease!

  Stuartli 13:43 17 Apr 2009

A cheap "hi-fi" (deliberate use of quotes!) proves a winner:

click here

  Kemistri 14:12 17 Apr 2009

Sales of Otex ear drops must be down.

  interzone55 14:44 17 Apr 2009

It's all down to customer expectations - if you buy something that's cheap, and only use it to listen to Radio One or the latest X-Factor drivel, then this product will probably be OK.

When I worked in Index we used to sell personal cassette players for £4.99, ie cheaper than a pre-recorded cassette. We sold hundreds of these, but we had a lot of people returning them because they sounded awful - I pointed out that the player was cheaper than the cassette, of they want something that sounds OK, buy a Sony Walkman...

  laurie53 20:12 17 Apr 2009

I thought the term Hi Fi had a clearly defined specification, and the term may not be used unless the equipment meets that spec.

Or has that long gone?

  bluto1 20:21 17 Apr 2009

I think you are absolutely right, and adding to that Stereo is not necessarily Hi-Fi. I'd hazard a guess that you couldn't buy a good Hi-Fi for £16.49.

  wolfie3000 20:54 17 Apr 2009

Bet it breaks within a month of buying it.

  DieSse 21:49 17 Apr 2009

"hi-fi" is probably the most misused term in consumer sound systems - that and "watts".

This might indeed be a good value for money budget sound unit.

Hi-fi it ain't.

  Stuartli 00:00 18 Apr 2009

>>I thought the term Hi Fi had a clearly defined specification>>

No, high fidelity doesn't have a "clearly" defined specification - it's an impossibility.

In fact the specification possibilities run into the millions - what we do know is that Tesco's "hi-fi" stereo system doesn't come under such a banner and that's without ever having heard it...:-)

High Fidelity is sound that's comes as close as possible to the original using musical reproduction equipment such as turntables, tuners, amplifiers, speakers etc.

  Quickbeam 00:37 18 Apr 2009

"hi-fi" is probably the most misused term in consumer sound systems"
I think I'll pour myself a Hi-Fi while I think about that click here ... I had to make do with a Tobermoray instead...

Hi-fi in the '60s was anything better that a Dansette, so the Tesco stereo probably fits that bill.

  rdave13 02:15 18 Apr 2009

'Hi-fi in the '60s was anything better that a Dansette'. True but the Dansette brought music to the people at a reasonable price.
Tesco has made a bit of a killing by selling a product that simply appeals to the buyers. Hi-Fi or not.

  Forum Editor 08:23 18 Apr 2009

an indication of quality.

Take a look at the sales figures of UK newspapers if you want proof of that.

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