Wondered where all this bad weathers come from

  Sethhaniel 08:38 12 Jan 2007

click here

its the end of the world!!!!

  zimzala 17:26 12 Jan 2007

I don't think it is, might have been another near miss tho.


  Blackhat 17:39 12 Jan 2007

If you are into near misses click here

1 AU is the distance from the earth to the Sun.

  Zero G 17:44 12 Jan 2007

As private frazer would say, were doomed all doomed.

  phin57nish 20:14 12 Jan 2007

Often during such weder my back garden looks as if its been hit by a mini-tornado. How many near misses have we had so far? Next may send us to da moon.

  egapup 09:38 13 Jan 2007

Blair will save us.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 17:46 13 Jan 2007

you think that was a near miss dont we have a comet/asteriod due to pass us soon that would be so close it would be closer than the moon cant recall its name/number or when but I know it will be in my life time and im not that old niether

  Blackhat 18:03 13 Jan 2007

surfmonkey #:@}©

This might be the one you are thinking about
click here

  jz 20:16 13 Jan 2007

Fron Blackhat's link: "On April 13, 2029, it will be about 22,600 miles (36,350 kilometers) from Earth's center. That is just below the altitude of geosynchronous satellites, which hover in fixed perches above the planet to communicate with and collect data on half the globe at all times."

April 13 2029 is, I believe a Friday too - a black Friday. I do hope they've got their estimates right that it will miss.

  Blackhat 23:10 13 Jan 2007

jz, well spotted, it will be friday 13th click here

A few more Friday 13th's before then though! And many more near earth objects yet undiscovered.

Plenty of other things to worry about meantime.

  Sethhaniel 14:25 14 Jan 2007

for us to see it........
This one is brightest for 40 years and of course the north east skies are cloud covered - so waste of time getting my camera our ;(

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