Woah!!! Anyone feel that!!!`

  DANZIG 00:58 27 Feb 2008

Yorkshire - Huddersfield.


Mild tremor anyway..

  Kev.Ifty 01:05 27 Feb 2008

Me to click here

  Quickbeam 01:05 27 Feb 2008

South Yorks too!

  Jak_1 01:06 27 Feb 2008

South Manchester at 12-56 am approx.

  barca1 01:16 27 Feb 2008

we did in HULl..!!!

thing is my friend was online & he was chatting to a m8 in NEWCASTLE who felt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
look @ sky news

  barca1 01:22 27 Feb 2008

if it goes again PLEASE get out!!!
my wife comes from a country that suffers from them its very advicable to GET OUT..!!

  MCE2K5 01:30 27 Feb 2008

Not arf, Originally thought either Plane Down or Earthquake.

Ouch 2 in 6 years.

  DANZIG 01:32 27 Feb 2008

My first thought was - "That truck's going bloody quick"...

  DANZIG 01:40 27 Feb 2008

Off to tie myself to the bed now, just in case we get any aftershocks.

  al7478 01:54 27 Feb 2008

just posted in the other thread. im in warks and we felt it, but you'll all know by now.

wish id bought a sturdier computer desk.

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