WMSC gives verdict on F1 Renault

  TopCat® 14:52 21 Sep 2009

In view of the seriousness of the event and the potential danger to life and limb when Piquet crashed, I think Renault have got off relatively lightly. What say you? TC. click here

  Quickbeam 14:59 21 Sep 2009

They haven't the bottle to go for an actual two year ban for fear off the loss of income to F1.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:06 21 Sep 2009

Will Renault pull out of F1 at the end of the season?
I would think that is likely now.

  ened 15:53 21 Sep 2009

McLaren get a £50,000000 fine for doing something that has been going on for years and Renault effectively get no penalty for an extremely serious offence.

Not right somehow!

  jakimo 16:04 21 Sep 2009

in the fear that Renault would pullout of F1

  bremner 16:17 21 Sep 2009

...F1 cannot afford another manufacturer to leave F1.

Honda have gone, BMW are going and there are serious doubts as to whether Toyota will continue after this year.

My guess is a deal has been done between FIA and Renault.

By Renault:-
Briatore and Symonds sacked .
A full hands up.
A promise to stay in F1 next year.

From FIA
A suspended ban for the team with no financial penalty.
Personal bans for Briatore and Symonds.

  ened 16:17 21 Sep 2009

The thing is they are probably going to pull out anyway.

There were quite a few teams ready to replace them - I don't know if there still are?

The other thing that gets me is why does Alonso keep coming through these situations with his reputation intact. He must have been involved in this and he was almost certainly guilty of receiving (& benefitting from) the Ferrari data in the McLaren business!

  JanetO 16:17 21 Sep 2009

I've only recently been reviving my interest in F1 after the sport was dominated by the germans for so long.

It's a hard one for the likes of Max Mosley to decide. To lose Renault would mean a lot of investment and money would be lost to the sport.

On the other hand cheating is now entering into sports you wouldn't imagine.

  Noldi 17:12 21 Sep 2009

With the financial restrictions in place for next year teams have to make major cutbacks anyway, I don’t think this is Financial based decision. If Renault were banned then 700 jobs would be lost most of them in Enstone (UK), as these people were not involved it would have been pretty hard on them to be on the dole.

Can I ask a question if people are real F1 fans why have they a problem with Germans or Alonso etc, if they are good drivers then they will win and be successful, Don’t forget in 2005 Buttons BAR team was banned for 2 races for outright cheating and his reputation seem intact at the moment. Or do we sweep that under the carpet because his English???.
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  ened 18:15 21 Sep 2009

I have a problem with Alonso because I don't think he is a very nice person.

Yes he is a good driver but his attitude leaves much to be desired.

After his disloyalty to McLaren I am surprised anybody wanted to touch him anyway.

Likewise Schumacher, who I admire for the vast stuff he does for others, but he was good enough to win anyway so why did he feel the need to cheat?

  Noldi 19:13 21 Sep 2009

Same as all the others they all cheat (well bend the rules) The McLaren saga a lot of people point the finger at Alonso, as you see with the resent crash gate saga Piquet decided not to keep quite any longer, Alonso did the same at McLaren and because he was the one to tell the truth he gets slaughtered. I mean Lewis would have known about it would he???? He’s English.

Were you get your information to judge Alonso as not a very nice person I don’t know but I can imagine some of it is through English journalists,
Alonso was a driver that could punch against his weight when he drove for Minardi so he cant be a bad driver can he???.


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