Winter fuel allowance computer problems?

  PalaeoBill 17:49 04 Dec 2010

I received a Winter Fuel Payment notice today for someone I have never heard of.

Apparently the decision to pay the £250 award is based on "information we hold for the qualifying week of 20-26 September 2010".

I've owned the house for well over a year now, so she definitely wasn't here in September 2010. I have been receiveing mail for several previous tenants, of the previous owner, going back a good three years and she isn't one of these either.

  carver 18:21 04 Dec 2010

Does the e-mail address look any thing like yours, or is it asking for information such as bank account details so it can be paid in.

Just be careful because this was tried a couple of years ago to try and get people to divulge bank account details with bogus e-mails, also any thing relating to benefits is normally done by post.

  carver 18:31 04 Dec 2010

Sorry read it wrong, so forget my comments about e-mail, trying to talk to wife and type don't go together.

Try to get back to posting, are the letters about any thing in particular, like house insurance or life insurance.

Who was the owner before you moved in, if it was some one over 60 then it could just be benefits people getting it wrong, there should be a tel number on it 0845 9 15 15 15 or this address.

Winter Fuel Payment Team
Department for Work and Pensions
Unit 16
Coalfield Way
Ashby de la Zouch
LE65 1JF

  PalaeoBill 19:45 04 Dec 2010

It came in the post from the Pension Service and looks to be offical. It's not asking me for any info, just telling me that the payment will be made. So it is either someone trying to use my address or its a database mixup (which I think is more likely).

Not the previous owners name, nor any of the previous tenants that I know about. In a little over a year its the first time I have seen this name.

The post for half a dozen previous tenants is slowly drying up as I've been returning it marked 'Not at this address'. Mostly junk, the odd debt collectors letter, retailers trying to get extended warranties, the usual tat.

  rdave13 19:49 04 Dec 2010

Could be a scam and someone pockets the payments. I'd notify DWP.

  PalaeoBill 19:51 04 Dec 2010

Already done. I have become very untrusting in my old age.

  spuds 23:46 04 Dec 2010

The letters that are being sent out for the Winter fuel allowance, usually originate from Belfast, but should have your local tax or DWP office address on them for enquiries.


I got my letter one day last week, and the payment was in the bank by the next day. All there now waiting for the gas and electric bill, which should arrive next week, as the meters were read last week.

  BT 09:18 05 Dec 2010

Got my money first, letter arrived 3 days later.
While on this why do the Pensions Service make the £10 'Bonus' as a separate payment. Surely these days the computers could include it with say the first weeks pension payment in December. It must cost a fortune to make all those separate extra bank transfers. I seem to remember that in the days of the Pension Book it was just included as an extra amount one week.

  spuds 10:14 05 Dec 2010

I can only assume that the £10 bonus was first introduced as a Christmas gift from the government as a gesture of goodwill and prosperity at the time of need, and as such it would possibly come out of another budget or funding scheme. Bit like the bus travel passes I suppose?.

Administration out of the normal must be a logical nightmare, but the government bodies now seem to have got this down to a fine art ;o)

  jakimo 11:19 05 Dec 2010

The £250 could be paid into her bank or PO account so you may not hear of the outcome of your query

  spuds 12:28 05 Dec 2010

Data Protection comes into play ;o)

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