Winston Churchill

  €dstowe 14:07 04 Jan 2007

I don't want to start a discussion on the new Big Brother silliness but I am astonished having just been told that one of the (English) participants thinks that Winston Churchill was the first black American leader.

What is taught in schools these days?

  rodriguez 14:18 04 Jan 2007

Nothing was really said in my school about Churchill either. I just know about him through family, friends and other general knowledge you pick up without school. We did things like the history of medicine and the American West of all things.

  driving man 14:29 04 Jan 2007

Guees I was lucky then. Had compehensive knowledge of history forced on me from Alfred the Great to start of WW2. Didnt like it but now realise that history puts all else into context.
Shame the "little darlings" of today are not pushed as my peers were

  medicine hat 14:40 04 Jan 2007

Clearly they didn't watch that interesting Churchill's Bodyguard on over Christmas either

  rezeeg 14:48 04 Jan 2007

€dstowe it baffles me. My son, who now has a degree, is sadly lacking in general knowledge that I take for granted.

He often mentions that he wishes he had been taught things like Shakespeare, political history, even proper punctuation.

  €dstowe 14:52 04 Jan 2007

The really worrying thing is that Churchill's name was recognised but put entirely out of his correct place in our history - or even American history.

  spikeychris 14:57 04 Jan 2007

I couldn't believe it either..everyone knows he sells insurance.

  recap 15:25 04 Jan 2007

"I couldn't believe it either..everyone knows he sells insurance." Same here spikeychris, a similar question came up in the pub quiz last night.

On a serious note though, the things pupils are taught at school these days is far far different from what was taught when I was at school. I once mentioned NATO to one of my sons, he didn't know what I was talking about. The history he was taught was about medieval times etc, nothing really on any of the world wars or the 20th century.

  ulrich 19:29 04 Jan 2007

Who is actually German and wasn't taught that at school knows who Winston Churchill is. I t shows the intelligence of these people.

  bluto1 19:44 04 Jan 2007

I occasionally watch "Who wants to be a millionair" and am quite frankly shocked at the complete lack of general knowledge of people between 25 and 50.
Anyone who joined the RAF in the early 50`s will remember one of the education tests given was "General Knowledge".

  jack 19:47 04 Jan 2007

It really amazes me that today's kids can possibly know anything much anything myriad range of topics
they have to take on board such us media studies, IT- and many others over and above the basic 3 Rs-all in a similar time scale that we had 60 years ago.

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