Windscreen wiper Blade

  Curio 14:28 27 May 2009

How does one cure a wiper blade that refuses to'flip' on the return sweep? Have tried manipulation to no avail. Should I bin it and replace with another? At the moment wiper use is extremely noisy.

  babybell 14:57 27 May 2009

I have the same problem and have had for the last year. It's a terrible bang noise when it reaches it peak. Yet I still haven't got around to replacing it which i think is the only option

  Pine Man 15:58 27 May 2009

'Manipulation' means that you have got to actually bend the wiper arm so the wiper blade is at right angles to the screen and in addition make sure that any road 'film' is cleaned off the blade with washing up liquid or similar.

  johndrew 16:33 27 May 2009

The problem is often caused by leaving the wiper `parked` for protracted periods especially in warm/hot/sunny conditions.

There are two cures (without resorting to bending wiper arms) that I know of:

1. Lift the blade clear of the glass and replace it in the position it would be for a correct first pass wipe. The blade will need to be left in this position for at least 24 hours in warm conditions and should regain its correct shape.

2. Easier but more expensive; replace the rubber

To prevent the problem it is worth making the effort to lift the wiper arms and lower them with the blade in the `correct` (first pass) position when the car is parked.

  oresome 16:37 27 May 2009

I got a couple of wiper blades from Wilkinsons for my daughters car 6 months ago. About £2 each.

They're already doing the same as yours and are showing signs of corrosion which is probably what's preventing them flipping over correctly.

I guess you get what you pay for a lot of the time!

  BT 17:05 27 May 2009

I've got the Aerofit Jointless blades on my car. They are best blades I've ever had. They are more expensive than the generic traditional style ones but about the same as branded ones, but in my opinion worth every penny.

click here

  Curio 17:15 27 May 2009

Resolved, at least for the time being. Took blade out, reversed it end to end, checked its operation and found flip action as it should be but not wiping whole of contact area. Applied firm pressure onto back of blade holder over the whole blade and lo and behold, a perfect wipe when used with the car static. Will find out what happens when next mobile in the wet. Thanks to all.

  oresome 17:16 27 May 2009


They look similar to the original manufacturers supplied blades on my Picasso, now coming up to 3 years old and still working perfectly.

The rear conventional construction wiper blade was replaced at 2 years due to blade wear despite having had little comparative use.

  BT 17:24 27 May 2009

They are a one piece, flexible, plastic aerofoil shaped backing with an inserted rubber blade. The aerofoil shape has obvious benefits when travelling at speed in that it helps keep the blade pressed to the screen. Apart from that they have a 'cool' look about them ;-)

  birdface 17:39 27 May 2009

I think with mine it is the wiper arm and not the blade.The spring pulling the the wiper to the screen is to tight which makes the blade screech all of the time even with new blades. So looks like I need the whole fitting.

  BT 17:55 27 May 2009

The link I gave above does complete sets I think.

Don't do what I did when changing a blade. I had removed the wiperblade from the arm and I accidentally let it go. It whacked the screen and cracked it. I ended up having to get a new windscreen as the crack extended into the swept area and it failed the MOT. :-(

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