Windoze and Linux is that it?

  jack 19:48 02 Jun 2008

Not quite it seems- a colleague has this footnote at the bottom if his mail just to rub it in.

'Using a British Risc PC running RISC OS Select
and the Pluto mail and news reader.
Using Arm technology without the need of Windoze ...'

It seems his printing business was run on an Archimedes- a machine that is still much in favour with the small printer.
Not to mention his son is a 'noise' with ARM [ that may have some small thing to do with it.

  Forum Editor 23:09 02 Jun 2008

is when people think it's clever to refer to 'Windoze' or 'Micro$oft'. I can never understand them, or those who can't bear to refer to a public figure using the normally accepted conventions, so they say 'Thatcher' or 'Blair' instead of Mrs. or Margaret and Mr. or Tony.

  martjc 11:54 03 Jun 2008

...F0rum 3ditor...

...Personally, jack, I use Windows XP, Vista and Ubuntu Linux on different machines. How many OSs do you need? Have never found a purpose for RISC, myself. Then again, I know that football stadia exist and do not use those either!

  jack 14:30 03 Jun 2008

1. I thought I might engender a string to discover more about RISC.
Not attract a slagging off about use of languare - not mine or to show how clever one is in useing so many O/S's

The words are not are mine - but quoted in the piece selected

Clever boy using all those systems and different machines too
What do you know about RISC- that is all I was trying to elicit

Go stand in the corner both of you.

  Earthsea 14:42 03 Jun 2008

Acorn Archimedes click here

There are still people who use the Amiga and Atari ST, and if you don't need huge amounts of processing power there's no reason why not. Obviously software/hardware and support will be a bit limited, though. And I dread to think what browsing would be like.

  dagbladet 15:22 03 Jun 2008

"The words are not are mine ..."

I assume the choice of subject title was?

  jack 15:36 03 Jun 2008

OK so I put in a phrase from the quote - the response was still off thread.

Atari ST.
Cut my teeth on a 520 ST witch I progressivbely up graded to a PAK with the Motorola 68030 processor[the same as the Mac of the era] with the O/S on 4 Eproms
and a massive 4 Megabyte of RAM
The software was not bad either - the Calligrapher document processor for example was as equally featured as Word of the time even to as far as having a bar code generator - it you knew what do do with it of course.
Here is a pic of how the ST wound up
Keyboard in new housing and the the Main bit in a hand made Black acrylic box.

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  Earthsea 15:51 03 Jun 2008


  1911 16:02 03 Jun 2008

Thank God for PCAdvisor otherwise I wouldnt know what you are talking about.

  jack 16:51 03 Jun 2008

I'll tick it

  Forum Editor 16:59 03 Jun 2008

thanks, and what made you think I was referring to you when I made my comment? I caught on pretty quickly that it was someone else when you said "a colleague has this footnote at the bottom if his mail...", and as someone else has pointed out - the thread title was certainly your words.

Time to understand that when you post a thread here it might not always get the response you wanted or expected, and there's no call to throw a tantrum just because you don't like what someone else says.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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