Windows XP support ending

  sunnypete 11:09 08 Apr 2014

I know this is a techi, but several of my friends use XP and aren't particularly PC literate. Is the situation for them as bad as everything I read implies? Surely M.soft should at least continue to resolve bugs etc on an OS they have taken money for?

  fourm member 12:17 08 Apr 2014

I think it is being overblown.

I'm just trying to look at it practically. There are two reasons to attack an OS. One is to show you can and the other is to make money from people.

I doubt if anyone would get much hacker community creed for attacking XP now.

"Wow, dude, so it's only taken you 13 years to come up with a hack for XP. Make sure you let us know when you've learned to tie your shoelaces."

And criminals want to have the largest possible number of targets.

The exception would be large organisations with a lot of older systems and that's why they are paying for extended support.

  Aitchbee 13:29 08 Apr 2014

I wonder if all of the existing XP updates will still be available for anyone who has restored an old backup image of say 1 year ago?

  LastChip 15:44 08 Apr 2014

As you say XP is officially dead from today.

No, they won't be providing any updates from now on, but have reluctantly agreed to extend support for Windows Essentials to July 2015.

Some anti-virus vendors will continue to support XP, but you need to check your provider is going down that road.

According to one source I read, XP still commands 27.69% of the worldwide market and is still the second most popular operating system, whereas Windows 8 (and 8.1), can only muster 11.3% between them. This is in spite of shoving 8 on every new machine they can persuade manufacturers to install it on. In other words, by comparison to XP and 7, 8 (like Vista) is a failure.

Furthermore, according to another source and Avast's chief operating officer, XP is now "six times more likely to come under attack", Whether this is one persons opinion or backed up by solid data, I don't know. But common sense says, an unpatched computer will become more vulnerable.

Personally, I don't care. I left all this nonsense a few years back when moving to Linux.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:37 08 Apr 2014

"Surely M.soft should at least continue to resolve bugs etc on an OS they have taken money for?"

Why? It's thirteen years old has been superseded twice. Time to move on.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:38 08 Apr 2014

Correction, three times.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:40 08 Apr 2014
  1. make sure you have a good antivirus install eg avast

  2. make sure you have a good malware scanner like Malwarebytes or SAS

  3. XP needs a third party firewall like Zonealarm

  4. there is a hardware firewall in your router

  5. Use common sense when browsing and take care when downloading and installing software untick all the boxes for the packaged addons

  6. If you do the above stop worrying the world isn't coming to and end and you are no more likely to become infected than you are now.

  sunnypete 18:04 08 Apr 2014

My point is that many folks, such as my relatives and friends, do not have the PC expertise to do all the safety actions, also do not see the need to constantly upgrade their equipment and OS if what they already have continues to function. This becomes an unexpected source of income for the cognoscenti!

  sunnypete 09:25 09 Apr 2014

Jock1e and everyone, thanks for your responses. One of my advisees, however, is an economics graduate, have you ever tried to get that sort to do something connected with computers? Another lady, rather more with it tells me that Microsoft Security Essentials is not now available for XP. One of the download sites seems to show it as being o.k. for XP. Who is right?

  lotvic 09:36 09 Apr 2014

I've just received:

Cumulative Security Update for IE8 for Windows XP (KB2936068)

Security Update for windows XP (KB2922229)

as well as some for Office2003 and the April Windows malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830)

I guess that will be the last lot for my XP

  sunnypete 09:42 09 Apr 2014

lotvic, presume you will now rely on an antivirus, such as AVG, and Malwarebytes or similar?

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