Windows' Vista operating system

  4gig 22:30 26 Jul 2007

I see in some of the latest threads that Vista is a hot topic.
Well the man at Acer thinks, along with the entire industry, that Windows Vista is a disappointment. click here
Most of my work colleagues think the same.

It's mentally lost money to end up unhappy with your new system.

  Kate B 22:34 26 Jul 2007
  Jimmy14 22:40 26 Jul 2007

Its a major improvement to XP.

  4gig 22:42 26 Jul 2007

The computer business is worried from the point that they maybe selling more and more pc's with an over troublesome operating system.

Ends up very bad news,publicity and reputation.
Yes,they are very worried about their own future sales.

  bremner 23:07 26 Jul 2007

Microsoft can hardly be said to be objective.

Vista is in many ways a leap forward and at the same time a complete pain.

We will have to live with it as we have no realalistic alternative.

It is certainly not the case that everyone will move to Mac or Linux, although Apples 33% increase in Mac sales over the last 3 months will fire a shot across Redmonds bows.

  Input Overload 23:17 26 Jul 2007

4gig, Why are you disappointed with Vista?

  Forum Editor 23:32 26 Jul 2007

puzzles me. His company's PC sales grew by 36% in the European market during the second quarter of this year, and virtually all of those machines are running Vista. Microsoft says it sold 40 million copies of Vista up to the middle of May.

Neither of those figures is anything to get too gloomy about.

As for "The computer business is worried from the point that they maybe selling more and more pc's with an over troublesome operating system."

Where did you get that information from? I would be very interested to know the source.

Welcome to our forum, by the way - I see from my database screen that you registered with us today.

  mrwoowoo 01:02 27 Jul 2007

Sorry ignore previous post as the sentences got jumbled up?

Personally speaking i'm still too wary to give vista a go yet and prefer to stick with xp for my gaming. At least until the first service pack arrives.
You can read what you like into figures.40 million copies of vista sold in the middle of may does sound impressive,but you have to try a new flavour before you know if you like it or not.Once you have bought it,it's too bad cos uncle bill has his money.
The fact microsoft are budgeting for more sales of Windows XP than previously expected is a bit of a concern since it comes from within a bullish statement.
Perhaps the extra xp sales are from people going back to xp.
Been doing a bit of research around the net and listening to peoples views ,and have formed an opinion that.
vista home basic is not worth having.
You are better off with 64 bit vista rather than 32 bit.
The above statements are more relevant if you are a top end gamer.My local pc shop has stopped supplying vista basic with his pc's as he says"it's just not worth it".His words not mine.
Of course there are people who are more than pleased with vista,and it is a system with a lot of good qualities,but i feel it's horses for courses.
As a gamer i'm sitting on the fence and won't jump over to the vista side until the gaming grass gets a bit greener.

  Chegs ®™ 01:17 27 Jul 2007

I'm still on XP and have had several disappointed folks ask me to rectify some of their Vista troubles,mostly due to Vistas poor "default" graphics drivers making their gaming a pain.I was somewhat confused as one machine had had its task manager disabled so I had to visit PC Advisors Vista forum for answers as to how you access regedits,etc.I have a neighbour sharing my internet connection(also on Vista)& am totally baffled as to why we cannot "see" each others machines on the network but thats just a minor irritation as he'll be getting his own phoneline installed eventually(only been in their home a few days)I'm not impressed with Vista in the slightest,sure it "looks" pretty but it uses so much of the PC's power running the OS that there dont seem much left over for the user.The neighbour's a total novice to computers and as I'd asked him not to download (via P2P I meant) he had been switching off the PC everytime the msgs appeared stating updates were ready to be downloaded.I'm blowed if I could find on Vista where you can turn off auto-updating,but as he was firing questions at me so fast I kept forgetting where/what I was trying to do.Next time a machine is left here for me to have a good poke about in,I might alter my opinion a little on the Vista OS.

  robgf 01:18 27 Jul 2007

The problem for Microsoft, is that XP is pretty good and meets most peoples needs, so there is little of true value, that they can add to Vista.

When the upgrade was from Win 98se to XP, the benefits were more noticable, XP is much more reliable and hardware detection is much better.

Microsoft, computer sellers and buyers need to accept that now that a certain level of competence has been reached in operating systems, further OS upgrades will be the result of steady purchases of new systems, to replace outdated ones.

Only a small minority of people will be super keen, to update at all costs.
Computer magazines will be keen to promote Vista, as it gives them something to write about. It must be hardwork finding something to say about XP, after all these years.

  Chegs ®™ 06:43 27 Jul 2007

"Because its early days, buy a new PC with Vista preinstalled and it'll run fine,..."

Sorry,but every machine I've been asked to look at was a factory install and the most recent wasnt even a 3 day old PC which was just locking up for upto 20 minutes.I let it install its auto-updates and it "seems" to have cured itself as no further lockups were encountered since.

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