Windows Vista Customer Preview Program

  powerless 09:45 08 Jun 2006

Do you want to help improve Windows Vista?

Then click here

Pay special attention to the text in red!!

The 32 bit version is a little over 3GB of a download. I was downloading last night @ 400KB/s but it soon dropped.

DVD's are available to order...

  folder4mags 10:38 08 Jun 2006

Yes i do, i'm going to start using Linux instead!
Less bugs, more stable & does not keep crashing like Microsoft!!

  rdave13 11:18 08 Jun 2006

Not brave enough to try this beta...:)

  spuds 12:14 08 Jun 2006


  Devil Fish 12:39 08 Jun 2006

trying to download but servers are jammed solid at the moment

  dth 13:17 08 Jun 2006

By the way to order the DVd costs about a tenner.

  Mark McC 15:10 08 Jun 2006

does anyone know when the demands will ease ??

  powerless 15:15 08 Jun 2006

Well, I bet the DVD would arrive quicker ;-))

Best bet is to try and download ovrnight.

  Mark McC 15:16 08 Jun 2006


  Zeppelyn 16:36 08 Jun 2006

The DVD is £12.90 inc VAT, I wont bother.

  Jimmy14 16:58 08 Jun 2006

"A warning on the page announcing the Vista preview says the software should not be run on a production machine or the main computer in someone's home. It adds that, if anything goes wrong during installation, users will not be able to roll back to the former set up on their PC."

"Only those happy to tinker with a PC should install the software"

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