Windows Service Centre -thats a new name for the same old scam.

  SparkyJack 12:57 29 Aug 2011
  • Wot is windows?

I had a lovely Asian lady on the telephone the other day telling me she was the

Windows service centre -

I replied that I have a very good window cleaner who comes once a month-

No she responded do you have a computer?

Yes I said

Well she said- Windows can... .... I interjected 'I have a screen for the computer it does not have a window' She hung up............... Was it something I said?

  Autoschediastic 12:59 29 Aug 2011

lool there is another story of some scammers asking you to install Teamviewer which is a well trusted remote program that ive used for years BUT they are asking u to install it so they can scan ur pc for your details! Scumbags aint they!

  lotvic 14:19 29 Aug 2011

That scam under it's various guises where they cold call you and want to take Remote Control of your pc is the same as a conman burglar knocking on your door and wanting access to look round your house to see if there are any faults - and if anything is worth nicking....

I often wonder if it's worth it for them even if they don't get you to 'sign up and part with bank details' because even if all they do is take your product key for your OpSys they can sell that on.

  Armchair 11:59 30 Aug 2011

Got one of these calls this morning. Probably had about two dozen of them this year. Not good when you're expecting an important call, and these clowns are wasting your time.

  proudfoot 16:00 30 Aug 2011

Turn the radio on, tell them you will have to put them on hold, and get on with what you were doing. After a few mins they will realise they have been conned.

  BT 16:39 30 Aug 2011

I've not had any of these calls yet. What am I doing wrong?

I do get the odd cold call, but not often. I mostly get the silent type where there's no-one on the other end.

  proudfoot 11:58 31 Aug 2011

Sadly we all get those. There is nothing that can be done.

  Armchair 19:38 13 Sep 2011

Got another of these calls today. Sounded like the same 'Asian' bloke who normally claims to be from the Microsoft Service Centre, but this time he reckoned he was calling from the Accident Investigation Bureau.

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