Windows security patch disables PCs

  jz 22:58 27 May 2007

I've come across a couple of PCs that appear to be suffering from this problem click here. (svchost process slowing the PC down). I haven't had the chance to try the updates, but I wondered how widespread the problem was. Has anyone else experienced it?

  Forum Editor 23:02 27 May 2007

I can't say I have.

  anchor 14:10 28 May 2007

I did, and used system restore to get back to normal.

  gudgulf 14:22 28 May 2007

I did too....but I have a dual core cpu so it only hogged one core.

The fixes issued by Microsoft cured the problem for me.

  interzone55 14:54 28 May 2007

The first part of a two part fix has been released with May's windows update.

Basically the problem is down to a flaw in the Windows update MSI, which causes a PC to lock up when deciding which updates need to be downloaded.

My previous work PC (an aged Dell with a 600mhz Celeron) would lock up for the whole day after Patch Tuesday.

The first part of the fix prevents Windows Update stealing 100% of your CPU if other processes need to run (basically it drops the process priority from Highest to Lowest).

The next patch, released next week, should sort the problem completely.

I suggest that you allow the next Windows update to run no matter how long it takes.

If, for any reason, you don't like to use the Windows Update service, visit this site click here using Firefox or Opera, they have all the updates available a couple of days after release.

  TalYasis 15:24 28 May 2007

For the plugin you may encounter a problem. click here

Curious as to how this company makes any money!

  jz 18:11 29 May 2007

Thanks for your replies. I guess it's only a problem with certain types of hardware since most people don't seem to be suffering from it. I have a suspician that it occurred when I upgraded from Windows Update to Microsoft Update, but I can't be sure.

  Forum Editor 18:15 29 May 2007

They're one and the same thing - just a different name.

  interzone55 21:31 29 May 2007

There's a slight difference between Windows Update & Microsoft Update.

Microsoft Update has the ability to update Windows, Office, Visual Studio etc

JZ is correct, the upgrade to Microsoft Update caused the problem, as it added yet another layer to Windows Genuine Advantage.

click here

  jz 18:49 31 May 2007

Thanks for your advice everyone. I've installed the first patch mentioned by alan14 on one of the PCs, and look forward to getting the other, next month.

  Forum Editor 19:12 31 May 2007

Thanks for the correction. I'm currently taking part in a beta testing cycle for a new version of Microsoft update, and I'm obviously confused.

I'll lie down in a darkened forum for a few hours - I'll be fine then.

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