Windows Scrappage Scheme

  jack 09:28 10 Sep 2010

Is the heating of a mail received recently
First Car Scrappage
Then Boiler Scrappage
'What now'I thought 'Microsoft trying to get in on this money churning ploy?'
But no- Not yet any way, just another play from a double glazing co.
But in IMHO the both the 'Official' versions were made into 'Scams' by the appropriate bodes by manipulating original sale prices.

  Blackhat 09:57 10 Sep 2010

I work in the double glazing industry and am aware of the concept of the windows scrappage scheme. It does not exist!

Here is a link to some industry info about the government’s response to the petition for the scheme.
click here

  spuds 10:47 10 Sep 2010

A few years ago, there was the deputy prime ministers Wind and Watertight grant scheme, which covered replacement windows and the like.

Most council's though, had their own confused methods of how the scheme was to be implemented.Some people gained while others may have lost grant aid payments, due to the way some council's worked.

  wiz-king 12:13 10 Sep 2010


  monkeyboy21 12:32 10 Sep 2010

There is a Which report in July's magazine which highlights the a sales tactic by some of the leading companies in which they misleadingly refer to the 'Government Windows Scrappage Scheme' when discounting their products. Very underhand as no such scheme exists!

  Blackhat 13:35 10 Sep 2010

Just to clarify my position, I do not sell directly to members of the public. I own two manufacturing companies. One supplies to domestic trade installers (doors, windows & conservatories) the other supplies to commercial trade installers (shop fronts, curtain walling & aluminium frame windows).

There are still cowboys in our industry, as there are in a lot of trades but we are working towards much better protection for the customer. This link is for anyone considering double glazing in the future.
click here

  Covergirl 14:58 10 Sep 2010

Absolutely normal practice.

Go into any major supermarket :

Example product - our price £1 - RRP £2.00

Go in the next week - special offer £2.00 BOGOF

(Shakes head in incredulity . . .)

Any chance of a House Scrappage scheme appearing anytime soon . . . . ?

  Noldi 15:09 10 Sep 2010

I thought I saw something about this on a Everest TV comercial??. all I know is when I saw it I thought still shop around if you are thinking about replacing windows.


  jack 17:40 10 Sep 2010

Black Hat and others
I am aware that no such scheme exists and am
commenting on full page ads in local rags announcing such things as a come on.
And as I mentioned with regards to cars and boilers, although a government initiative - the respective industries soon turned it to their advantage - but that is trade- it the same as with - Sales, End of Season, 'clear out'
ad- nauseum.
I gather last nights BBC Watchdog highlighted TESCO for making a selection of items as a meal deal worth [say] a tenner and when the poor buyer gets to the till is charges full out for all the items -[double]
OOPs sorry madam computer error - You betcha computer error!

Keep your eyes peeled brain switched on and wallet zipped shut when shopping - not always easy
as I can easily testify.

  spuds 18:08 10 Sep 2010

But isn't all the superstores and other sales outlet 'saving you money'. Or at least that is what the adverts say ;o)

Computer error: Have you ever noticed that it is usually on the stores side, very seldom on the customers. Or at least that is what I tend to find.

Have you also noticed how some of the major stores are now asking customers "how did we do", then asks you to go on-line to tell them ?.

Now you have got me started :O((

  jack 19:37 10 Sep 2010

Imagine you are in stores pick up a 'Multi buy' only to find at the till you get charged for each individual item.
So take the offending items to customer service and make you complaint- They huff and Puff- you may even get to see a Manager- but you will get your refund- The store will do nothing more than that- It may the individual stores cannot make that sort of adjustment- but only report back for action at HQ.
Now round up some chums and go to the store and each make the purchase, then get your refund- repeat.
Someone somewhere will get a message don't you think

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