Windows 8 wishlist

  paul trotter 15:30 19 Aug 2010

Forgive us, but even though it's just ten months since the release of Windows 7, we're already speculating about features that might be included in its successor.

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What's on your wishlist for Windows 8?

Paul Trotter, PC Advisor

  rawprawn 15:37 19 Aug 2010

A built in "Application Shield" such as that which is provided within Kaspersky 2011. So that new applications may be tested without causing system problems.

  sunnystaines 15:43 19 Aug 2010

1] quicker boot time into windows.

2] windows own built in reg checker for clear out dead reg entries. together with a reg defrag option.

3]get rid of or cut back on DRM. Leave to media companies.

4] option to colour folders in explorer and my favourites folders

5] bring back pinball

  Toneman 15:44 19 Aug 2010

A check to verify an intended posting or email if it is a duplication, to prevent doubling up, same as we get before deletes etc...

  Forum Editor 19:28 19 Aug 2010

I happen to know that a faster boot time is one of the things that the Windows 8 team is focusing on.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:34 19 Aug 2010

that completely clones the user interface of XP. That way the many users of XP whose machines will probably be expiring by then will not have to get used to a new OS while they are getting used to a new OS.


  MAJ 20:56 19 Aug 2010

for Bill to take a loss on this one, maybe setting a £60 max price. Some hope.

  gaucho. 22:02 19 Aug 2010

Release it for free, as a service pack for 7.

That is what they should have done with the awfull Vista.

  QuizMan 22:10 19 Aug 2010

Mostly, I like Win 7 as it is. If I had a change request it would be:
1) the start menu that I still find poorly set out and confusing to customise.
2) if it counts as a Windows function, the ability to remove USB sticks on the fly.
3) Finally, I cannot get to grips with the differences between administrator log in, individuals set up as administrator and the "run as administrator" function. They all seem to be able to do slightly different things. It needs simplifying.

  JYPX 00:25 20 Aug 2010

Evolution (from Windows 7), not Revolution. A lot of people decided to stick with XP for a bit longer but may now be in a financial position where they can't upgrade OP or PC for a while. Later, they will cope fine with a Windows 7 style OS but something radical might be tricky. So Microsoft, look at Windows 8 through the eyes of an XP user who is not getting any younger.

  MAJ 00:29 20 Aug 2010

"2) if it counts as a Windows function, the ability to remove USB sticks on the fly."

I've been doing that from Win 98SE without problems, I'm sure Win 8 will be no different.

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