Windows 7 screenshots

  TopCat® 17:37 26 May 2008

According to this - click here - Win7 will be out sometime in 2010, if all goes well.

Here's their link to some screenshots - click here Erm, the Win7 views are shown in the centre and not those shown on the right. These happen to be quite interesting though! :o) TC.

  powerless 17:58 26 May 2008

I can believe 2010 but the screenies are fake, c'mon.

  al7478 21:09 26 May 2008

Cant see a single screen shot meself.

  al7478 21:20 26 May 2008

I clicked the wrong thing so please ignore the nonsense in my previous post. Apologies all. No idea if theyre real, but i dont like 'em. Looks a bit like the let a child loose with some Vista graphics and told them to rearrange things a bit.

  Forum Editor 23:15 26 May 2008

to make an operating system, and I'm always very wary of making even the smallest judgment based on a few screenshots.

The launch of Win 7 is so far in the future as to be of little interest to the average computer user, and a very great deal can happen before then. Big changes can occur, and features come and go. I haven't seen a beta copy yet, and even when I do I'll have to comply with a confidentiality agreement. To be honest I don't think this is a subject worth much discussion at this point.

  al7478 23:30 26 May 2008

i kind of agree, but i think some will be quite peeved when Windows 7 comes out before they expect it, and after theyve invested in vista.

I'm thinking about getting vista soonish but only coz i want media centre...and ill still be peeved if a new OS is out soon after, so maybe ill find a way to stall long enough.

Im surprised in a way if those shots are genuine (tho, as you say, much may change), as early indications (until they started gaggging employees) were that it was going to be quite a departure.

I realise the pretty look doesnt make an OS, but im not very knowledgable about what it takes to make one, and ive yet to find someone who can tell me why vista is more than a pretty face. My point being, many people will see it that way with the next OS.

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