Windows 7 launch party video

  simonjary 15:54 23 Sep 2009

Microsoft has created a video showing you how to hold a Windows 7 launch party in your home.

I haven't laughed so much since the Windows Vista launch!

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  Spark6 16:11 23 Sep 2009

Felt quite peckish while watching it.

  wolfie3000 16:50 23 Sep 2009

Haven't cringed so much since the Tory leaders Webcameron,
Why do operating system companies try to sell there operating systems like a lifestyle,

Ok heres a few ideas for your own launch parties.

1, take a drink when ever the the O/S crashes.
2, down your drink when you get a BSOD.
3, down a shot when a third party program crashes due to incompatibility.

You will be left with all the guests passed out, the pc on the front lawn in bits and the host sitting in a corner crying.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:07 23 Sep 2009

Rather sadly, adding comments has been disabled for this utter cheesy rubbish...I was going to launch an attack and full broadside and there would have been great sport for the whol;e of the planet. Something within me says this MUST be wind-up. If MS paid an advertising company for this, their name should be released for public vilification and as a warning to minors.


  Forum Editor 17:22 23 Sep 2009

and I can't wait, it's going to be such fun, checking out Windows 7 and editing my own photos over the nibbles and sparkling water.

This tutorial was obviously filmed in Stepford.

I keep thinking there's going to a a triumph of hope over experience with Microsoft and their PR ventures, but the company is nothing if not consistent. Whoever came up with this idea should take a long holiday somewhere quiet, and the person at Microsoft who had ultimate authority for signing it off needs to spend some time walking the streets outside the Microsoft hot-house.

  simonjary 17:29 23 Sep 2009

There's surely a slim chance that Microsoft knew how bad this is and hoped it would go viral.

If not then Microsoft is undoubtedly the least cool company on the planet.

I'm going to watch it again, anyway. It's that funny.

There's also a version with references to Win 7 taken out so that the party appears to be about something entirely different...
click here

  tein 17:30 23 Sep 2009

Very plastic & Very American

Ive been using W7 for quite some time & it is better then previous os's BUT not that much better than Vista! IMHO! they seem to of answered some questions regarding issues with older os's ive also used Linux & i prefare that much more to any of MS's os's..
The Saga Continues!

  simonjary 17:35 23 Sep 2009

Anyone actually planning a Windows 7 launch party? If so, we'd love to hear about it at PC Advisor.

  tein 18:10 23 Sep 2009

If i was going to do it! for one id have to bulk my beastly of a pc downstairs! (51 lbs heavy) Then id have too find a way too connect it up! as the place is full of my wifes books/degree things, When i did get all that done id have to include beer over lemonade! then sit back & think about what is it W7 offers that other Os'd dont.?

  morddwyd 20:17 23 Sep 2009

When I saw who posted this thread I thought we were going to be treated to a video of the denizens of PCA Towers letting their hair down!

  simonjary 08:57 24 Sep 2009


That's a good idea. We'll start tidying up the kitchen.

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