Windows 7 Has anyone bought it ?

  Uboat 07:14 15 Feb 2010

Good morning everyone!
Over the weekend i received my new & unused genuine version of W7 Ultimate (32+64Bit Disc's)
I bought it off EBay & the buyer was selling them at £109 inc P+P which was by far the best price Ive seen

Previously Ive owned Vista Ultimate & liked the "Hard Plastic" case it came in which protects it BUT having opened my W7 last night i was more then displeased with the terrible "Flimsy" thin plastic case & to my horror the side that opens has SPLIT after opening up just twice.? so the case is now in two pieces?

Can anyone confirm who owns a copy that there case is also a thin plastic case that feels very cheaply made please? Or have i been sold a fake.? BTW the buyer has 100% posative feedback & sold over 600 items? IS this Microsofts fault?

  gengiscant 08:11 15 Feb 2010

Mine came in a rigid shaped plastic case which in turn is in a cardboard sleeve. Very strong and very secure.But I would imagine OEM versions are probably not as well packaged.

  mobileman1953 08:16 15 Feb 2010

my oem version was packed the same as gengiscants version vista home premium

  mobileman1953 08:18 15 Feb 2010

update to above post meant to say windows 7 home premium

  Pine Man 08:21 15 Feb 2010

I have a genuine copy that has a plastic case in a cardboard sleeve.

The plastic case is very flimsy and was split on arrival across the top where it isn't protected by the cardboard sleeve.

  Input Overload 09:49 15 Feb 2010

mine came from DELL in a plastic sleeve, which at the cost of 5p is now in a proper CD case.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:07 15 Feb 2010

Are you sure it is genuine and that you have not been ripped-off?

  birdface 10:17 15 Feb 2010

All with free delivery option from Amazon.

click here

  Uboat 11:13 15 Feb 2010

Hi everyone thankx for replying, I see some of you have what i belive is a hard plastic case & other have a dvd like flimsy case.?
Mine came in the cardboard sleeve & the seal was intact & ive been able to activate it BUT i just cant see why MS would sell this super duper OS in such a nasty cheap flimsy case.? more so when i rememeber the Vista case & how strong that was?

Ive been to MS's site & found the "Genuine Software" tool which i just had to see if it's genuine & it passed! here is the link:

click here

  jakimo 11:21 15 Feb 2010

Mine was from PCW ,no problem with its packaging,although it should be adequately packaged no matter who supplied it

I suggest you install your copy and see if you can download any updates,if you get a "this copy is not genuine"message, you will have your answer

  Uboat 11:36 15 Feb 2010

jakimo hi thanks, yeah its activated & passed the "Genuine Software" test! its just the cheap & i mean REALY cheap (Thinner than a DVD case) plastic case that it came in! at a glance i thought "There's no way this is genuine!"

but i stand corrected it has passed all the test's & activated i'm just terribly dissapointed on its presentation! & shockingly after opening the case just twice the hindge which i microthin has in fact fell apart so ive got a W7 case thats in two.? i wish i could complain to MS! there is no way online i can complain is there?

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