Windows 7 to be released early.

  TopCat® 18:51 22 Jan 2008

Latter part of next year if this is correct - click here

It's to be hoped MS don't rush things too much and have a second 'Vista' on their hands, right? Bugs in software are bugs in any language so let's hope they test-drive this new O/S to near destruction before bringing it to a disenchanted market. TC.

  anskyber 19:18 22 Jan 2008

Yes this came out in the Save XP thread currently running in SC.

The most obvious point to make is that MS and timescales are not good bed partners, so many times deadlines have been missed. I think it unlikely from past experience that a late 2009 date is achievable. I realise the boss of the 7 team has been responsible for some of the more timely MS offerings but an Office suite is quite different in complexity to an OS.

Vista was test driven like no other OS and many including me find it to be both fast and stable. There are issues for some gamers but much that has been laid at the OS door in fact relates to many other things including dare I say the people using it.

On the point however I agree with you, let it take another year if it takes that time to put out a well tested product.

  J B 20:18 22 Jan 2008

I see that the rumour mill is still alive and well. After all that has been said about Vista and the dislike of it from various quarters it doesn't actually surprise me in the least that people can't wait for it to come out, Windows 7 I mean. I just wonder if the same quarter that won't upgrade to Vista for whatever reason will be happy to put XP in the circular file and upgrade to windows 7 when it is released. I await with bated breath. J.B.

  Forum Editor 23:40 22 Jan 2008

and there again, it might not. Personally I don't intend to spend much time thinking about it.

  ^wave^ 08:40 23 Jan 2008

this looks like ME and XP again. i had windows ME probably one of the few who did not have a problem with it. but XP was released very quickly after it, could be history repeating its self and if we look back then every other os they release is a good one. we will have to wait and see

  anskyber 10:02 23 Jan 2008

As an "insider" to the early development of new MS products are you able to confirm whether W7 is out for testing or is it still in a closer circle?

Just curiosity.

  J B 10:32 27 Jan 2008

Although this thread is closed out, I found this article on Windows 7 click here that could be of some interest. J.B.

  Forum Editor 10:39 27 Jan 2008

Microsoft is notoriously tight-lipped about new product versions, and at the moment they're saying nothing about a new Windows version.

There is certainly a version in the planning stage - that process started as soon as Vista was launched - but that's normal. Nothing has gone into a beta cycle yet, although there may well be some code that's being looked at by external developers.

As soon as I have my hands on a beta version, and am allowed to mention it, you'll be the first to know. When you test the early betas of Microsoft products you have to sign up to a confidentiality agreement, and I haven't broken one of those yet - I want to continue to be on the beta panels.

  anskyber 13:53 27 Jan 2008

Thanks FE.

I think the future of the Windows environment is very interesting, particularly if the move is to more web based facilities as part of the "windows experience" (Windows Live)

I expect W7 to be evolutionary, perhaps adding things which were removed from Vista so that it could ship. I found this speculative but nonetheless informative recent article quite interesting. click here 2008 will indeed see parts of the picture revealing itself.

  al7478 15:04 27 Jan 2008

"...I'm actually beginning to yearn for something a little less stable, mature, and finished."

Brave or stupid...? Rather him than me, etc etc...

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