Windows 7

  Forum Editor 08:50 28 May 2008

"Scheduled for release in 2009 the new fingertip interface lets users enlarge and shrink photos, trace routes on maps, paint pictures or play the piano.

"The way you interact with the system will change dramatically," said Microsoft chairman Bill Gates."

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Why is it that I suddenly have this inescapable sense of misgiving?

  anskyber 09:33 28 May 2008

Bill Gates is showing the standard tendency for misunderstanding his own product now he is out of mainstream management at Microsoft.

MS do things very well but they cannot get out of the habit of accepting their own propaganda. If that is 7 then I may stay with the excellent Vista. Your misgivings are shared.

  johndrew 09:39 28 May 2008

`.. habit of accepting their own propaganda ..`

Only if you believe your own propaganda can you be considered a true party member ;-)

  Grey Goo 09:43 28 May 2008

Brings the old "Will I be able to play the piano after this", gag to mind.

  Seth Haniel 09:47 28 May 2008

my old VIC20 had a piano keyboard attachment.........

  powerless 10:07 28 May 2008


  belfman 10:19 28 May 2008

Maybe they'll get it right, maybe it'll be like the revolutionary Nintendo Wii. You know what? no one I know owns that console... we'll two got one and ridded themselves of it soon after. I doubt I'll buy into Windows 7 either if it's even more gimmicky than 6.

  crosstrainer 12:21 28 May 2008

"the new fingertip interface lets users enlarge and shrink photos, trace routes on maps, paint pictures or play the piano. "

Your misgiving's are well founded. If I wanted to play the piano, I would purchase a keyboard, not an Operating system. Bells, whistles and more, and more memory greedy useless frippery will not endear Microsoft to anyone.

  johndrew 14:23 28 May 2008

May I quote you from a post you made in click here

Tue, [email protected]:39

`Forget about Vienna, it's a long way off.

Settle down with Vista - it's only just seen the light of day, and no doubt we'll have plenty to say about it over the course of the next few months.

What comes next is far from certain, and Vienna may reinvent itself a few times along the way - it's far too early for speculation. I'll certainly be involved in the beta cycle, and will report as and when there's anything to say. At the moment there's nothing to say, and it will remain that way for quite a long time.`

  mrwoowoo 16:11 28 May 2008

Give me a mouse anytime.
Although it looks good,i can imagine my hands and arms aching after a while.
Touchscreens are nothing new of course and have been used in industry for years.In an industrial enviroment they are handy for screens you only need to input occasionally.Also if you have lots of control panels scattered around a large factory,again only used occasionally.
Apart from the piano,there's nothing there that you can't do with a mouse.
Not for me.Writers cramp is bad enough.

  Forum Editor 18:32 28 May 2008

Thanks for the reminder, but I'm afraid I don't get the point.

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