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  Confab 14:08 19 Feb 2006

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge Windows fan and understand that it must have been an incredibly difficult task writing such a complex and intricate piece of software as this.

So what’s my issue then? Well it’s all about the Windows installation process. I don’t mind entering a few vital bits of information at the beginning of the installation process and I don’t mind entering a few vital bits at the end. What I do mind is having to enter stuff in the middle. I want to be able to put my Windows CD in my CD drive, sit back, have a cup of tea, watch some TV and let it all happen, but I can’t as I have to sit in front of my computer while the CD whirls away and watch good ol’ MS telling me how fantastic it is. At some point in the installation, I can’t quite remember when but with something like 30 minutes left, I have to enter my product code and tell it where I live. Why can’t all this happen right at the start or at the very end?

Not a massive issue I know but when you’ve got something wrong with your computer and you’ve installed windows thee times in one week it all gets a little irritating.

Just a little bugbear that I’m glad I’ve now got off my chest.


  VoG II 14:24 19 Feb 2006

Try this click here

  SG Atlantis® 14:27 19 Feb 2006

3 installs in a week? on the same machine??

Aren't you the lucky fella :P

  €dstowe 14:49 19 Feb 2006

I have quite a lot of computers. I have never had to re-install Windows in any of them.

The reason is that if anything goes wrong, I reload everything from a backup which, as all regulars here know, I regularly update. Doing this takes 30 minutes max. and doesn't require any attention except to reboot the machine when it's finished.

If I did have to re-install to O/S or reload my backup more than once in a week, I would strongly suspect there was something wrong elsewhere in the machine.

  powerless 15:06 19 Feb 2006

click here and this will do what you want, just holla back if you want to know how to put it to use.

Or this application will make it alot easier click here [choose Unattended Installation on the Task Selection Window]

VoG™ link will allow you do the above and lots more!

But €dstowe has a point, 3 installs?

  Confab 15:22 19 Feb 2006

Thanks for the links I've now bookmarked them for future use.

Yes, 3 installations in one week as I had serious problems with my PC - It's now in a box in the corner of the living room as it’s going back for full refund. A new PC from Dell should arrive this week.

Thanks again


  keith-236134 16:47 19 Feb 2006

Yeah i had a comp like that, eventually found out it was the graphics card messing everything up, changed that and didnt have to re-install XP ever again.

  Chegs ®™ 22:27 19 Feb 2006

Only three? I have been know to do that in just a single morning. :)

It culminated in the HD's demise a week later,followed by the HD containing my newly created images departing a week after that.

As I hadn't long beforehand switched from IDE to SATA,the images on DVD were of no use,so I too was finding I started dreaming (or nightmares?) about all the info that is revealed during an install,how File & Settings Wizards can ease your transferal of your old stuff,etc. :(

I tried a few of the unattended install CD's,and either I'd done it wrong or had removed an important bit as use required my siting a heavy object upon the "Esc" key. Ho-Hum. ;-)

  Forum Editor 23:04 19 Feb 2006

a Windows installation on a new machine works immediately - and it will if it was factory-installed, there is no reason it shouldn't continue to do so. The vast majority of so-called 'Windows problems' are actually user-initiated.

Before I'm swamped with a deluge of outraged 'how dare you' responses/emails let me explain.

If a new computer had feelings and could speak it would tell you that it dreaded the first couple of weeks of its life more than anything. That's when software application after software application is installed, and all kinds of tweaks and configuration changes made - often without any time being allowed to lapse between installations.

Added to that are driver installations for printers, scanners, webcams, USB hubs, wireless network cards, external hard drives etc.

Added to those are PCI card installations, extra RAM additions, second hard drive additions and maybe a new USB card or hub.

Now I know that not all those apply to all computers, and in some cases very few of them apply, but you get the idea. An operating system - any operating system - is a complex thing; it contains many million lines of code, and from time to time something comes along that changes or corrupts a few of those lines...........resulting in error codes, blue screens and whatever else makes people throw up their hands in horror and blame 'the computer'.

I'm not aiming all this at you, Confab, I have no idea what caused your problem, but next time that new machine comes out of its box try giving it a chance to do its job - help it along by taking things extremely slowly. Install software applications and hardware items one at a time, and create a Windows XP restore point before and after each installation. Then, let the machine run for a day or so, until you're happy that all is well.

That way,if something is going to throw a spanner in the digital works you'll have a realm chance of pinning it down - and fixing it by rolling Windows back to a steady state. If a hardware component fails it's up to the supplier to fix it of course, but if Windows XP fails it's more than likely that you'll be the one trying to fix it, and you need to be prepared.

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