Wind turbines propellor or vertical 09:41 14 Nov 2008

I have been searching the net for a roof top wind turbine and I am unable to find one company in Uk that provides one.
I also find that most people do not want the propellor type wind turbine but the vertical types havee been on the go for around a 100 years and it is amazing that Finland have a range which are not obscene to the eye
I too do not want to look at sea views with propellors scattered willy nilly off shore when by design every lamp post could potentially be a wind turbine and in the cities there are vertical wind turbines which attach to the sides of sky scrapers and rooftop wind turbines
When are the UK companies going to offer us the choices or is Gov dictating that we can only use propellor types

  WhiteTruckMan 09:58 14 Nov 2008

Advantages and disadvantages click here

Want one yourself? click here

More on them

click here

click here

click here


  Quickbeam 10:03 14 Nov 2008

2nd link "This unit is ideal for low-power, remote, automated systems, particularly in applications where solar power isn't suitable."

Ideal for a remote summer electricity supply in this country then...

  WhiteTruckMan 10:08 14 Nov 2008

click here

But I merely posted a link to the cheapest.

WTM 10:51 14 Nov 2008

Thanks for the reply Truckman
Can you see what I mean about looking good with the links

click here

click here

Forgen are nice but not quite up to visually acceptable They look OK on ships but would they be good to look at in your street?

  WhiteTruckMan 11:11 14 Nov 2008

is in the eye of the beholder. From a purely visual aspect I would be happy to have one of these on the side of my house. But I admit noise and vibration may cause me to reconsider.

On a broader note, I really, honestly and truly cannot understand the viewpoint of people who obect to wind farms from the visual aspect. If anything, I think they have a peaceful, gracefull king of elegance about them. I can sympathise if people dislike the colour of them - whether they realise this is what they object to or not- but that is an easily fixed problem. Why do they almost always have to be white? So birds can see and avoid bumping into them?


  Quickbeam 11:15 14 Nov 2008

These are actually quite unobtrusive. If they were mounted on top of a chimney they would look no more out of place than the flu ventilators that we already have.

How much power could a small unit like that be likely to generate? Not enough for an oven I would think, but if it's enough to power some security lighting and keep household devices on standby mode, that would add up to a carbon neutral usage for the things we are loath to turn off despite knowing it's an ungreen policy. 11:27 14 Nov 2008

Just a few photos for you to consider

click here 11:36 14 Nov 2008

The Canadians Fins Norwegians Danes and Americans are using these and they do generate enough for a full household of appliances depending on which size you buy 3kilowatts upwards normally 6kw covers most houses up to 7 bedrooms
As I said at the start I hope to move up to my own electricity next year and I live by the sea

  TopCat® 11:50 14 Nov 2008

From a recent "How do they do that?" video it was said that wind power efficiency increased with turbine height. Air turbulence at or near ground level was a major factor to consider on most domestic installations. TC.

  Pesala 12:39 14 Nov 2008

Roof-top horizontal axis wind turbine. click here

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