Wind Turbines from B&Q

  realist 19:33 03 Oct 2006

You can now own your own wind turbine a la David Cameron.

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£1498 including installation, produces up to 1kw and claims to cut your leccy bill by 30% + reduced co2 emissions.

But would you want one?

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:39 03 Oct 2006

So how much CO2, and other waste , was produced in the manufacure of the B&Q wind turbine?

  robgf 00:28 04 Oct 2006

I'm a fan of the big turbines, as it's better than doing nothing about CO2 emissions, and the ones outside my bedroom window, turn pretty fast 99% of the time.
But I have some doubts about the value of these little turbines, the quoted output figure of 1kw, is a peak output.
Yet if you look for average wind speeds in the UK, you will see that most of the country only gets 5-6ms, with just the north of the country doing slightly better.
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So for the majority of the time, the turbine will be operating at the very bottom of its range and output figures for this are not given.
I would be very skeptical about a 30% saving on the electic bill and if it is mounted on the house, wouldn't you get vibration noise, particularly at night?

  sean-278262 01:16 04 Oct 2006

I dont see any mention of them being installed or am I just being blind?

  WhiteTruckMan 08:15 04 Oct 2006

it says that these items are not available for diy installation. Good that, coming from a diy store...


  egapup 08:26 04 Oct 2006

Great idea...if youve got £1500 to spare.

  Confab 12:37 04 Oct 2006

David Cameron is apparently now not allowed to have a turbine. Plod says that his house would stick out like a sore thumb if he put a great big prop on his chimney stack. It would make him an obvious target for undesirables. The only other solution would be to pay for turbines for the whole street.

  johndrew 13:53 04 Oct 2006

The principle of your own wind turbine, or other energy saving device is good, but, what is the cost in CO2 of making such items? Surely this should be put into the equation?

Not only are many of the products aimed at the market expensive (how many years will it take the average household to recover the £1500 for the turbine?) but many are expensive in terms of greenhouse gasses to produce.

I know people need jobs but to claim an accolade for a factory producing `green` products when either the product uses more energy to make from `recovered` raw material or more energy than it can reasonably be expected to save in its lifetime is a bit rich.

  anskyber 13:59 04 Oct 2006

I note that the life expectancy of the turbine is said to be 10 years. In simple terms this will require a saving each year of some £150 to cover the purchase cost. (Its actually slightly better that that but we would be into "net present value calculations" which are too complicated for my simple evaluation) On the other hand there would be other costs such as maintenance, annual electrical safety checks, planning aplication fees etc)

My marginal cost of eack kWh is 5.83p so the turbine would need to work at its high rated output (1kWh) for 5 hours a day to cover the purchase costs. To achieve a 30% saving on my bill (£404 annually) a further 7 hours of maximum output would be needed to get that saving.

A grand total in my accepted simplistic analysis of 12 hours a day at maximum output fron the turbine.

Is that likely.....errr.... no not in my opinion.

  anskyber 14:20 04 Oct 2006

PS. The high rated wind speed for thr turbine is 12.5mps or in old money 27.945mph. The average annual wind speed for where I live is 14mph.

  namtas 15:49 04 Oct 2006

The average wind speed across the UK is 12.5 mph, only just enough to keep two dingy 40w electric light bulbs working. A wind speed of 9 mph, the point at which the system starts to generate wouldn’t be enough to maintain one light bulb.

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