Wind turbine explodes

  barca1 00:00 26 Feb 2008

WOW this shows just how much they can take before dissintegration..this is clearly in a gale

click here

  TopCat® 00:20 26 Feb 2008

I believe the better turbines are capable of 'feathering' their blades when winds exceed a certain strength. Would certainly have helped in this case! TC.

  Acx 00:28 26 Feb 2008

Surely this was a test to see how much a new design could take. I can't believe people stand around in fields just videoing Wind Turbines for no reason.

  georgemac © 08:18 26 Feb 2008

this was a 10 year old windmill failing, and one of two that have failed in the last couple of weeks click here

speculation seems to be that these models have brakes to slow it down in high winds and the brakes failed

manufacturers website click here

  bluto1 22:46 26 Feb 2008

"I suppose that makes it lucky that they don't make nuclear power stations"

You strike me as a person who uses statistics a lot. Nothing wrong with that, it's laudable, but if we never had failures in trying to progress then we'd have no success.

I believe that eventually, not in my lifetime, we will have wind/surf produced energy at far cheaper costs than today, thanks to the pioneers who are using their brains today. I daresay that belief is a dream.

  georgemac © 07:28 27 Feb 2008

With the way oil and energy prices are increasing, I hope wind and wave power becomes more widespread

Wind is not the answer as on low/high wind days there will not be enough power generated, and it is not feasible for everyone to switch off, there needs to be spare capacity to take up the slack, be this nuclear/gas or coal.

If we can harness the power of the sea for generation this will be much better

I am also surprised solar panel development has not been more rapid or encouraged by the government. Even solar water heating would reduce carbon emissions.

I believe until the government starts introducing grants to encourage adoption of solar heating/electricity there will be no real take up of this. They want to collect green taxes but I don't see them using this money to reduce carbon emissions.

Pity we cannot harness hot wind from politicians

  Grey Goo 13:44 27 Feb 2008

I wonder how bright the lights got before the wheels fell off.

  laurie53 20:29 27 Feb 2008

Oh Dear. I would never have put the users of this forum down as naive, but cheap power from wind and wave?

That noise you can hear is the hollow laughter of those of us old enough to remember how nuclear power was supposed to be virtually free!

  Bingalau 21:13 27 Feb 2008

laurie53. Yes and I remember when they converted to natural gas they said it would be practically free and there was enough to last for hundreds of years. Now we are buying it at great expense from Russia. What happened to ours.. Did they flog it all to other countries? Or, are the Scots keeping it all for themselves?

  georgemac © 22:22 27 Feb 2008

"Oh Dear. I would never have put the users of this forum down as naive, but cheap power from wind and wave?"

I think you will find only one poster said that power from wind/wave would be cheap

Do not group us all together with your assumptions we are all naive - in your opinion.

Natural gas - yea we were all told it would last a very long time - we were all naive in believing what we were told - a lesson for all of us?

  DANZIG 22:42 27 Feb 2008

I'll be dead before anything runs out (and possibly the better half). So whats there to worry about?

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