Wind Chimes, love them or hate them

  countryboy 15:28 26 Jul 2007

Wind Chimes, love them or hate them, I heat them and currently my life is being ruined by wind chimes in my neighbour's garden. I have been through the local council route and they tell me that unless the noise can be classified as a statutory nuisance they have very limited power other than to ask him take them down at night. I find it hard to comprehend that people are allowed to blight other people's lives in this way, If they played music in there garden all day I am sure they would be forced to stop it, but wind chime, they can do as they please, talk about the classic Chinese water torture. There seems to be no way to stop this noise pollution at the moment, so may be it's time that a legal way be found for it to be stopped. I have no idea how this could be bought into existence, but I am sure there are thousands and thousands of people up and down the country who would be very pleased if something could be done.

  oresome 15:38 26 Jul 2007

Have you spoken to your neighbour?

  ventanas 15:41 26 Jul 2007

Two of my neighbours have them, but they don't really bother me. Just a sign of very sad people I think. Have you got any scissors?

  Brumas 15:45 26 Jul 2007

By heck, they must be hellishly big to produce a sound so terrible it has prompted you to complain about them!

I have a few small ones hanging in my car-port and, I have to say they sound very melodic and soothing in any wind. I made a point of asking my immediate neighbour if they were a nuisance and I was assured most emphatically that they were not.

I much rather hear wind chimes, however discordant,then screaming kids or barking dogs or blinkng high powered lawnmowers/strimmers.

  Brumas 15:49 26 Jul 2007

"Just a sign of very sad people I think"

Quite a bold statement - I am certainly not sad, and I do not think the suggestion of using scissors was particularly intelligent!

  countryboy 15:53 26 Jul 2007

Yes, I have spoken to my neighbour about them, and he made it very clear to me what he thought of my concerns by hanging them as close to the boundry as possible, if only my neighbrour was like youes Brumas they I would be a very happy man.

  Kate B 16:49 26 Jul 2007

I'm not keen on them and I'm sympathetic - a noise that annoys you can quickly become intolerable even if others don't find it so. I'm not sure there's much you can do, though.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:34 26 Jul 2007

if he won't listn to reason and has placed it clos to your boarder to annoy you then HOT UP THE WAR.

Tit for Tat is the only option available to you.

Get one of those annoying windmills that drive a man chopping wood and let it clatter away drowning out the windchimes.

Or build a Bamboo "Aeolian-Organ" click here

  Forum Editor 18:19 26 Jul 2007

and as we stood around the grave I heard the sound of windchimes in a nearby tree. It was a pleasant sound in a graveyard, but I think it might drive me slightly loopy if I had to listen to it day and night.

A noise nuisance doesn't have to be loud - it just has to be a nuisance. What defines a noise nuisance as 'statutory' - did your council tell you? A neighbour that makes a point of hanging windchimes next to a boundary when told someone finds them irritating is not the kind that anyone would want to have.

I'm not sure the answer is to retaliate in any way, that would simply put the hostilities on an official footing. If you got nowhere by talking to neighbour or council you might consider writing a letter to the neighbour, making your point in a non-confrontational way. "I hate to whinge, and I quite like windchimes now and then, but unfortunately yours are pretty irritating, especially at night. Do you think you could see your way clear to agreeing some sort of compromise - maybe we could chat about it?"

Often a letter is better than a face to face situation - it enables people to think before responding, and it reinforces the point. Someone who receives a friendly letter has to be pretty hard-faced to ignore it. On the other hand, if it is ignored you've lost nothing, and you have a record of your request, should it ever come to anything official.

Apart from that, I recommend earplugs at night.

  Legolas 18:20 26 Jul 2007

I am not sure tit-for-tat is the way to go that will only make things worse.

As Ghandi once said "an eye for an eye until the whole world ends up blind."

  countryboy 19:52 26 Jul 2007

Yes I have thought of tit for tat but realised that it would make a bad situation worse. I have tried to talk with him but go told he could do whatever he liked in his own garden. So I tried mediation services, but he will not enter into any discussion, so where do I go from here,

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